The sword is the "all-rounder" weapon type in Genshin Impact, with many people considering it the weakest weapon class. Sword has lower damage than Claymore, a lower range than Polearm, and the sword users in the game are not nearly as good.

However, Genshin Impact sword characters can still be powerful if built right. In this article, we are going to showcase a Sword users Genshin Impact tier list 2021, ranked from best to worst.

1. Xingqiu

Despite being a 4 star character, Xingqiu is considered the best sword user in Genshin Impact. He is the most consistent Hydro support/sub DPS in the game, who can apply Hydro for highly damaging elemental reactions like Vaporize.

Furthermore, he can continuously heal and reduce damage taken while being off field. Pyro reactions are currently the best DPS tool in the game, and that's why Xingqiu is the best character on this list.

He also gets much more powerful at higher constellations, with two power spikes at 2 and 6. The best sword for Xingqiu is the Sacrificial Sword or Skyward Blade.

Xingqiu is the best sword user in Genshin Impact, who can both support and deal damage while being off field.

2. Kazuha

Kazuha rivals Venti for the position of the best Anemo user in Genshin Impact. His crowd control and damage are similar to Venti, however, he has a very powerful team buff. Whenever Kazuha triggers Swirls, he gives his team an Elemental damage buff based on his Elemental Mastery.

At Constellation 2, Kazuha can further buff his teammates' Elemental Mastery by 200 during his burst, which results in a crazy level of damage. Nothing beat gaining damage in Genshin, and thats' why Kazuha is on the top tier. The best sword for Kazuha is the Freedom-Sworn.

Kazuha has amazing elemental damage boosts, the highest amongst 5 star sword users Genshin Impact.

3. Bennett

Bennett is a good support for Pyro characters, with the ability to cover almost everything. Outside of buffing damage, he can also heal, cleanses and activate Pyro Resonance to increase the whole team's attack.

He gets even better at C1, gaining 20% base ATK and removing the HP restriction of Fantastic Voyage. As he is a support, the best sword for Bennett is the Skyward Blade.

Bennett synergizes super well with Pyro damage dealers like Diluc or Hu Tao.

4. Albedo

Another great but underrated support in Genshin Impact, Albedo can do both damage, buff, and team shielding at the same time. His Burst grants 125 Elemental Mastery while he protects the team with Chrystallize reaction.

Albedo is also very easy to build, with his best weapons being the 4 star sword Cinnabar Spindle and the 3 star sword Harbinger of Dawn.

Albedo is the most versatile amongst sword users Genshin Impact.

5. Ayaka

Ayaka rivals Ganyu in the Cryo DPS department. She can have 100% ice infusion on her sword, which works great in Cryo builds. Players can solely focus on Crit Damage in a Freeze comp, as Ayaka would be able to get a free 55% crit rate with Cryo Resonance and the Blizzard Strayer set.

The best sword for Ayaka is the Mistsplitter Reforged. She can also use the Primordial Jade Cutter or the Black Sword.

Ayaka is one of the best Cryo damage dealers in the game.

6. Keqing

Keqing is one of the more creative characters in Genshin Impact. She can blink all over the battlefield with her attacks, initiate combat or dodge enemies' fire at will. However, she has Electro vision, which affects her damage-dealing ability significantly.

Overall, it is best to build Keqing as a Physical DPS until you got more constellations on her. However, even with that, she is still pretty underwhelming as a damage dealer. This is why Keqing is on the bottom half of this list. Her best sword is the Primordial Jade Cutter.

Keqing is great but her electro nature held her damage back a lot.

7. Jean

Amongst sword users Genshin Impact, Jean can perform at an ok level at all roles, however, she excels at none. This is why she is at one of the lowest spots on this list. Jean can heal, support, damage, cleanse, and crowd control, but the fact that her skills have so many applications make their damage potential negligible.

You would need a lot of investments to bring Jean to top tier (C4). The best swords on Jean are the Aquila Favonia and the Sacrificial Sword.

Jean Genshin Impact
Jean has definitely fallen out of favor since Genshin's release.

8. Kaeya

Kaeya is a decent low-tier sub DPS and support. Currently, he has the highest Normal Attack scaling among all sword users. He also has Cryo vision, which is great in triggering Superconduct. However, it is hard to build Kaeya up, as you can only get his constellation via the Standard Banner.

Other 4 star characters with full constellation would outperform Kaeya eventually. This is why the Cavalry captain is so low on this list. The best sword for Kaeya is the Iron Sting.

Kaeya is a free character, however, no one wants to pull the standard banner for him.

9. Qiqi

Qiqi is one of the worst 5 star characters in the game, with long cooldown skills, lower than average cryo application and energy regeneration. While she performs well as a healer, that role can be covered by other characters without costing DPS. And if you are building correctly, you usually don't need a top tier healer anyway. The best sword for Qiqi is the Skyward Blade.

It is rather weird that the 4 star sword users tend to be stronger than 5 star sword users Genshin Impact.

Healers in Genshin Impact are usually considered useless unless they can do something else on top of that.

10. Traveler

The main character, the Traveler, is probably the worst amongst Genshin Impact sword characters. While they can wield different elements, the Traveler is average/bad at all of them. The Anemo form has clunky mechanics and low DPS, the Geo form has decent support and damage, but the Geo buildings often complicate fights.

Lastly, the Electro form is just a battery support, which can be replaced by many other battery supports that can do more. The best sword for Traveler is the Skyward Blade.

Travelers Genshin Impact
Travelers are the only character in Genshin Impact who can switch elements.

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