miHoYo often gives its players Primogems for free via either redeem codes or events. The holiday season has been broiling lately and the developers have started, or rerun, in this case, another Genshin web event called Traveler’s Picture Book to expand a bit of thrill.

By completing daily missions, you can snag 80 Primogems and all of these missions are no-brainers. Here’s how you can complete Travelers Picture Book Genshin Impact.

Genshin Web Event
Travelers Picture Book Genshin Impact event is taking place alongside other events in the game.

How to play and get more colors in Traveler’s Picture Book missions

To complete the Traveler’s Picture Book, players have to complete all required tasks and fend off Hilichurls that want to steal your materials in this Genshin web event.

Players will get access to Painting Colors which you have to use to further progress on the picture and gain Primogems.

Note: Players must be at least Adventure Rank 20 to join this event. Traveler’s Picture Book event started on December 3 and lasts until December 13.

Get More Colors Genshin
Most importantly, do Get More Colors by completing these missions.

Travelers Picture Book Genshin mission list

You can check the full list of tasks to complete the event.

Day Missions Rewards Unlock time
Day 1 Log in on 1 day 1 Painting Color December 3
Begin and complete an expedition 1 Painting Color
Complete four Daily Commissions in total 2 Painting Colors
Day 2 Log in on 2 days 1 Painting Color December 4
Collect 3 Crystal Cores 1 Painting Color
Clear any Domain once 2 Painting Colors
Day 3 Log in on 3 days 1 Painting Color December 5
Use 480 Original Resin in total 2 Painting Colors
Complete 12 Daily Commissions in total 2 Painting Colors
Day 4 Log in on 4 days 1 Painting Color December 6
Defeat boss enemy 1 time 2 Painting Colors
Day 5 Log in on 5 days 2 Painting Colors December 7
Use a total of 900 Original Resin 2 Painting Colors
Day 6 Log in on 6 days 2 Painting Colors December 8
Collect Realm Currency once in the Serenitea Pot 1 Painting Color
Day 7 Log in on 7 days 2 Painting Colors December 9
Collect 1 Realm Bounty within the Serenitea Pot and gain Companionship EXP from a companion who has moved in 1 Painting Color

For those who have not known how to send characters on Genshin expedition, head to the Adventurer’s Guild in any city and talk to Katheryne. After assigning the characters on expeditions, wait until they return and you shall be done.

Talk To Katheryne
Dispatch characters on Expedition Genshin Impact.

Traveler’s Picture Book Genshin Impact rewards

In fact, you don’t need to do all missions to get 100% on the ongoing Genshin Impact Traveler's Picture Book web event. As long as you can collect 20 Painting Colors in the week, you can eventually get full rewards.

Progress Rewards
20% 3 Adventurer’s Experience, 5 Fine Enhancement Ores
40% 30 Primogems, 10,000 Mora
60% 3 Hero’s Wit, 5 Mystic Enhancement Ores
80% 3 Hero’s Wit, 5 Mystic Enhancement Ores
100% 50 Primogems, 20,000 Mora

This event will expire on December 13, 2021. However, this is a “connect once everyday” kind of event as you have seen in the Get More Colors objectives. Don’t wait until the last day to play unless you want to miss all the rewards.

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