The second phase of Genshin Impact’s event Shadows Amidst Snowstorms, the Shadows Deepen, will lead players to an encounter against an Albedo impostor. They will have to fight this giant Cryo Whopperflower boss in order to progress further in the game.

To lessen your burden in this fight, check our guide on how to defeat Fellflower in Genshin Impact now.

Albedo Impostor
This boss, which has the ability of mimicry, mimicked Albedo in this event.

How to defeat Fellflower in Genshin Impact

Knowing all the mechanics of the Fellflower in Genshin Impact will help you beat it faster. And although it’s a part of the ongoing event, you can repeat this task when you are done with the quest.

Phase 1. Break its shield

In the first phase of the Fellflower boss fight, you will need to break its defense by destroying the surrounding Arcane Fruits. Here’s a breakdown of everything to take notice of.

1. Arcane Fruits

These look like large red crystals at a time and you must destroy them to break the defense. Notice that they will have some attack patterns such as firing projectiles or crashing the ground.

Recommended using Archers.

Shoot The Arcane Fruits
Use ranged characters and shoot the Arcane Fruits down.

2. Arcane Essence 

After you destroy an Arcane Fruit, about three small crystals called Arcan Essence will be released. Quickly pick them up to prevent the foe from recovering its shield.

Picking the Essence can reduce the character’s HP, so make sure to use a Healer in this stage.

3. Fellflower Attacks 

From time to time, the Cryo Whopperflower will launch these attacks:

  • Avalanche: Ice will crash down on the white circles that show up on the ground.
  • Rolling Snowballs: 3 Snowballs will be summoned, rolling towards to hit you.
  • Cryo Slime: At least a big Cryo Slime will spawn during the combat.

Recommended using preferably Pyro characters like Xiangling, Hu Tao, or Diluc.

The first mission of how to defeat Fellflower in Genshin Impact is to break its shield.

Phase 2: Attack the shrunk Fellflower

Once you have fully depleted the shield, the Fellflower will shrink, starting the second phase in fighting this Cryo Whopperflower boss.

You can nuke it, but don’t forget to be alarmed by its attacks.

  • Snowball Throw: The boss throws numerous snowballs in quick succession.
  • Flower Turret: The bulb follows players around, then shoots projectiles.
  • Burrow: The boss will go underground before popping back up.
Defeat Fellflower
Attack the boss until its HP goes out.

Vanquisher’s Emblem Tasks

Every time you defeat a Fellflower, you can get 300x Vanquisher’s Emblems. Players can use this currency in the event shop panel called Trial Trophies.

There are more tasks in the panel that you can do, each of which grants you 120x Vanquisher’s Emblems, 2x Hero’s Wit, and 20,000x mora:

  • Destroy the Arcane Fruits and defeat the Fellflower
  • Interrupt the snowball attack
  • Defeat the Fellflower without allowing it to absorb Arcane Essence
  • Don’t get hit by its subterranean attacks
  • Don’t get hit by the Arcane Fruits’ hammer strikes
  • Defeat four monsters created by the Arcane Fruits
Rise Of The Fell Flower
Rise of the Feel Flower tasks.

Shadows Deepen Event Shop

Post the guide of how to defeat Fellflower in Genshin Impact, it’s essential to know that you can pick up several rewards with the Vanquisher’s Emblems:

Item Vanquisher’s Emblem Cost Purchase Limit
Crown of Insight 500 1
Alkahest - a refinement material for the Cinnabar Spindle 400 2
Blue/3-star talent booklets (Freedom, Resistance, & Ballad) 20 6
Purple/4-star talent booklets (Freedom, Resistance, & Ballad) 60 2
10,000 Mora 10 50

Genshin Impact player can also receive two pieces of Alkahest which let you boost the Cinnabar Spindle sword up to refinement rank 5 (R5).

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