In the story of Teyvat, Genshin Impact has eleven Fatui Harbingers but not all of them have been released yet. Here are the top 5 Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers with interesting stories and personalities.

#1. Tartaglia

Tartaglia is also known as Childe, a playable character in Genshin Impact. He is the eleventh Fatui Harbinger serving the Cryo archon Tsaritsa. He is also the friendliest Fatui Harbinger in this game. But keep in mind that Childe also fights Traveler in an archon quest and becomes a dangerous weekly boss then.

Tartaglia is the most loyal Harbinger whose faith in his master is true. Childe has a little brother and he cares for him gently in a Story Quest. After helping Childe care for his little brother, Traveler was invited to visit Snezhnaya - his home country. In short, Tartaglia is the most humorous and friendly Fatui Harbinger.

Tartaglia is the friendliest Fatui Harbinger from Snezhnaya.

#2. Scaramouche

Scaramouche has an adorable and good appearance. He is the prototype for Raiden Shogun's puppet and that storyline is very interesting. He is one of the evilest Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers who went rogue after obtaining the Gnosis of Raiden Shogun.

This villain appeared for the first time in this game in the Unreconciled Stars event. According to Scaramouche leaks, he has a cold heart and an interesting personality. Scaramouche pretended to be friendly with Traveler at first but he always plans to take advantage of others for his best profit.

Scaramouche is the most cunning Fatui Harbinger.

#3. Dottore

Dottore is one of the most interesting Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers who is known as a mad scientist. He wears a weird-looking mask with white and blue colors. This villain Fatui Harbinger also has a cold heart, so he does not care about the lives of other people.

This mad scientist turned his human assistant into a Ruin Guard - a mechanical monster that is hard to defeat. Dottore hasn't appeared much in the story of Teyvat yet. He is only famous for his insane experiments now. Moreover, Dottore is a strong fighter who defeated Ursa the Drake.

Dottore is a mad scientist who is often crazy about experiments.

#4. La Signora

La Signora is one of the most powerful fighters among eleven Fatui Harbingers. She was described as a cold, cruel, and haughty woman who has a sexy and mysterious appearance. La Signora first appeared in the game when freezing and stealing Venti's Vision.

Her debut was so impressive that a lot of players want her to become a playable character in the upcoming update. But she became a dangerous weekly boss in the Genshin Impact update 1.2. She used to have a gentle heart while being in love with the knight Rostam. But his death made her heart cold.

La Signora
La Signora is one of the most powerful Harbinger fighters.

In a La Signora boss fight, players had better dodge her attack before planning any strategy to defeat this powerful Fatui Harbinger.

#5. Pierro

Pierro is a mysterious and interesting Fatui Harbinger in Genshin Impact. This character has not appeared in the game physically but he was often present in many actions of Fatui. He is the first Fatui Harbinger to serve the Cyro Archon Tsaritsa. Pierro is an important character in the story of Snezhnaya.

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