Heizou Genshin Impact is creating a frenzied swirl among fans as there are rumors that he may become a playable character. It looks like the devs have given some hints about him as well.

He has been mentioned in the voice lines of several prominent characters while data miners also reported having found some in-game information, indicating he can be available at some point.

So when is Heizou Genshin release date and what can we learn from his backstory? Check it out now.

Heizou Genshin Impact appearance

According to the dialogue from bulletin boards in Inazuma, Shikanoin Heizou seems much younger than Kamisato Ayato and almost always wears an official government outfit.

Some Heizou leaks also said that he has a teenage body as is as tall as Yanfei. Fan-arts have been created to illustrate what he may look like in some fans’ viewpoints.

When is Heizou Genshin release date and what is his element?

Heizou Genshin release date

We have not known when Shikanoin Heizou’s banner will arrive. It used to be relatively certain that we should wait for Genshin Impact 2.4, featuring Yun Jin and Shenhe, to end before any confirmation.

Now that the phase is occurring, there is indeed more data about Heizou Genshin release date. A new leak from the courtesy of UBatcha, who has a track record of being a reliable source, stated that Heizou will be introduced as one of the two new characters along with Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact version 2.6.

He is likely arriving as a 4-star character if we look at his rank in Tenryou Commission. He is lower than Sara who’s a 4-star character in the game.

Genshin Impact Heizou backstory

Shikanoin Heizou is a detective in Inazuma. He works for the Tenryou Commission and was first mentioned in Ayaka's and elder cousin Kano Nana’s voicelines. Through time, more characters and even Inazuma’s bulletin boards also mentioned him.

In his youth, he was rebellious and did not like obeying rules.

1. What does Heizou do in Genshin Impact?

Although he is affiliated with the Tenryou Commission, his commitment to this clan seems not too strong. The voice lines of Kokomi unveiled that he once took a trip to Watatsumi Island in his Commission uniform.

And the Sangonomiya Clan, the sworn enemies of Raiden Shogun and her Commission army after the God of Serpent happening, presides Watatsumi. Kokomi also noted that Heizou has zero interest in government, commission affairs, or military. He either has no idea of the conflict between two clans or just doesn’t care.

Heizou Genshin
Heizou's fan arts made it look like he's a combination of Hu Tao and Zhongli.

2. Heizou’s detective skills

Kokomi seems to say that he’s not that good at what he’s doing as she stated that Heizou is a “self-proclaimed detective”. On another hand, Kujou Sara claimed that his skills are the only factor that maintains his role in the Tenryou Commission.

Heizou, as a detective, has his own investigating manner and puts his priorities over official duties. These features seemingly make him quite disliked.

Ayaka About Heizou
Ayaka's voice lines about Genshin Impact Heizou.

You can also find an angry message of his sister on the bulletin board near Inazuma Adventurer Guild, saying she is tired of Heizou’s antics. She also called him foolish and told that he behaves disrespectfully and arrogantly.

Interesting enough, his sister may have implied that he has a violent investigations style,

“He’s gone off to investigate again… I can only hope that no one else gets hurt in the process.”

The Bantan Sango Detective Agency which offers daily quests to gamers also called him a swindler in the past.

Heizou Mention
Genshin Impact Shikanoin has been mentioned several times.

Do you know Heizou Genshin Impact also appears in Gorou's and Thoma's voice lines? They said:

Gorou: "You mean that sneaky detective that never seems to actually be working on a case? Well, no one from the Shogunate can be fully trusted, so I'll be keeping my eyes and ears on him! On a separate note, he does have some talent for investigation."

Thoma: "Ho, that guy is a detective for the Tenryou Commission. He seems to have his own way of doing things — not the easiest person to get along with. Also... Any situation that involves a detective is probably not one that's going to end well..."

Heizou Genshin vision

The element and weapon that Heizou wields have yet been disclosed. However, it is speculated to be the Electro element as he is from the same clan as Kujou Sara, the Tenryou Commission.

Meanwhile, Ayato leaks seem more transparent. He is likely a 5-star Hydro character who uses swords. His skill descriptions were found in some game files.

For more information about Heizou, we will need to wait for more updates (and probably, leaks).

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