Alice Genshin Impact is a name that has constantly been mentioned throughout the game. She is said to possibly be one of the most influential adventurers and we would not be surprised if she ended up being a five-star character.

While the game is introducing a load of new characters like Shenhe and Itto, players are still paying much attention to the lore regarding Alice. From her look, age, vision, power, to many other interesting facts, here’s what we have heard about Alice so far.

Alice By Eromegamisensei
Fans anticipate Genshin Impact Alice release date as she is an intriguing unreleased character.

Alice mentioned by Genshin Impact characters

There is a ton of information sprinkled around Teyvat about this famous adventurer. Some players theorized Alice Genshin Impact can be an elf or hail from another world like Lumine/Aether.

However, not everything about her is vague. A part of her has been out in the open thanks to the mentions of other in-game characters.

1. Alice and Klee relationship

While fans joked that Klee is the secret child of Diluc and Jean, Alice is in fact Klee’s mother.

Alice entrusted her daughter to the Knights of Favonius. It is also mentioned that Klee takes after Alice from the appearance to the free-spirited personality.

Alice Playground For Klee
The characters have heard Alice's voice via a Gramophone.

Besides, the mother not only helped her design the cute explosives but also created an entire playground for her. It turns out that the games at the Golden Apple Archipelago island and other strange events occurring there came from Alice’s tinkering.

The fact that she went this far just to give Klee an unforgettable summer shows how powerful Alice is compared to other vision holders.

2. Alice is Mona’s master rival

Mona mentioned in her story that she is searching for the disciple of her master’s rival. However, upon her arrival in Mondstadt, she found Klee and is surprised by how young she is.

It is proven that Alice Genshin Impact was an expert in astrology and even rivals Mona's abilities.

Mona Genshin
Alice's knowledge in astrology can rival Mona.

3. Alice inspired Barbara

Among the many facts about Alice, one of them is how she imparted the Sister with Idol Magazine which urged her to become an idol. That’s when Barbara decided to try recruiting an idol in each Teyvat’s nation to form a "Teyvat Idols!" group.

Barbara Genshin
Barbara also knows Alice.

4. Alice traveled with Zhongli

It’s a fact that Zhongli is Rex Lapis in human form and has been wandering around history since forever. Zhongli actually met Alice and traveled alongside her for a while when she was in Liyue.

Zhongli Consultant
Zhongli met Alice on his journey around Teyvat.

5. Albedo taught Albedo alchemy

Albedo also mentioned Alice in one of his character stories. At some point, she taught Albedo about alchemy. She was also the character who designated Albedo as an alchemist in The Knights of Favonious.

Alice also entrusted Albedo to take after Klee when she's away.

Alice Genshin Impact theory

Apart from all the facts confirmed by developers, many rumors have been going on surrounding Alice age and appearance.

1. Alice is probably over 50

Alice age is one of the most confusing theories. Based on the data players have given, she can be anywhere between 50 to 70. The number can be higher considering the fact that she has been adventuring for a long time.

2. She may belong to an unmentioned race

Another Alice lore that makes fans unable to wrap their heads around is her race. During the grand release of the Golden Apple Archipelago questline, Alice said that she and Klee are from a long-lived race.

3. Alice does not like Hilichurls

Alice seems to have some problems with the Hilichurls. She even suggested using these enemies to build the windmills' energy. Though others around her rejected the plan, Alice had a hard time feeling sad for her enemies. Moreover, she may be very fond of wiping out Hilichurl camps for treasure.

Fan Design Alice
An Alice lore indicates her hatred towards Hilichurls.

4. Alice’s element

Due to her explosive personality, a majority believe that Alice may be a Pyro user, similar to her little daughter Klee.

4. She can detect magic

Alice seems to own an elemental sight that is much stronger than that of an average person. She could even sense the existence of evil bubbling under Liyue's surface. This leads a lot of players to believe that she has a vision that aids her gifts.

Will Alice be playable?

Although she is not yet a playable character, Alice appearance in the game is totally possible. Through the many theories and facts, we can see Alice as a greatly famous adventurer and an important figure to many characters in Mondtstadt.

Genshin Impact Alice release date has yet to be confirmed. We may have to wait for a slew of other character releases such as Yunjin, Varka until the official introduction of this legend.

Alice Genshin Impact voice actor

Until now, only the Japanese voice actor for Alice has been released while the Korean and English voice actors remain unknown.

Alice character in Japanese version is voiced by Kikuko Inoue who also lent her voice to the Japanese version of Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.

Meanwhile, Alice's Chinese voice is reportedly Qi Zhang.

Alice Voice Actor
The voice actor for Alice also voiced Lady Dimitrescu.

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