Genshin Impact Yunjin is still unknown. What we know about this character is still very limited. Here are all leaks and predictions about Yunjin's weapon, elements, and gameplay we have known up to now.

Yunjin's Leaked Details

Yunjin is a secret character who is only known through the Heyu Tea House Ad. According to the ad, this hidden character is an opera singer from Liyue. She is also the leader of Heyu Tea House's Troupe. Yunjin is more prone to traditional music. She also performs this music genre in her concerts.

Yunjin Genshin Impact
Yunjin is a secret character who is a traditional music performer and brewer in Heyu Tea House.

However, it does not mean that she doesn't enjoy other types of music. From Xinyan's point of view, Yunjin appreciates all music genres, including rock. It's because Xinyan often sees Yunjin visit and watch her rock concerts.

She Is Good At Dancing
Yunjin appreciates all music genres, including rock.

Moreover, Genshin Impact Yunjin is also an excellent dancer. With talents in both singing and dancing, she is known as a popular idol in this country. In addition, Yunjin is also a brewer at the tea house. She is both a performer and a skillful brewer.

Yunjin Is Known As An Idol In Liyue
Yunjin is known as an idol in Liyue with her talent in music and her beautiful appearance.

Genshin Impact Yunjin Release Date

Yunjin has not appeared in this game officially. All we know about her are revealed by other characters or NPCs. MiHoYo hasn't announced or revealed any information about this character, Genshin Impact players still believe that Yunjin will be a playable character in the future. However, her release date is still unknown.

Yunjin Information
All we know about Genshin Impact Yunjin is revealed by other characters or NPCs.

Genshin Impact Yunjin Element

Yunjin's element and weapon are still unknown. However, she often holds a paper fan like the young lady Kamisato Ayaka in Inazuma; therefore, she can be a sword user. In Kungfu movies, skillful fighters who hold paper fans often have great sword skills. Yunjin can also be a Polearm user.

Yunjin Is A Singer
Yunjin's element and weapon are still unknown.

From her outfit, Yunjin can be a Geo, Pyro, or Electro character because those characters often wear dark color outfits. If she is released after the change in the game meta, her skills can be multifunctional like new characters in update 2.1. Then, she can play both supporting and DPS roles in your team.

Yunjin Leaks
This character is leaked to be a Geo character who uses the Polearm like the Geo Archon Zhongli.

According to a leaker on Twitter, Yunjin will be a Geo character who uses the Polearm. If Yunjin's vision is Geo, she is more likely to be a 4-star character. It's because the game has already had a 5-star Geo character - Zhongli from Liyue. As they come from the same country, use the same type of weapon, and have the same vision, Yunjin is less likely to be another 5-star character.

Yunjin In Genshin Impact
Yunjin is one of the most secret characters in Genshin Impact with very little information about her.

Maybe you will obtain her from the Wish banner. Unlike the healer Yaoyao, this aggressive character can only be obtained in Wish events if all predictions are true. Yunjin mains are still unknown. You need to wait for further updates to see if Yunjin will come as a playable character or not.

Other Rumored Characters In Genshin Impact

Apart from Yunjin, there are many rumored Genshin Impact characters that players are highly anticipating. Here are some most rumored characters in Genshin Impact who haven't been confirmed yet.

  • Yaoyao can be the first Dendro character in this game. A lot of players expect to see and get this adorable character in Genshin Impact. However, MiHoYo has not confirmed her release yet.
Yaoyao is an adorable character who can be the first Dendro character in this game.
  • Shenli also appears in the list of rumored characters with Hu Tao, Kokomi, Sayu, Rosaria, Kazuha, Yunjin, and Yaoyao. From her leaked image, she is also a character from Liyue. Because most of the rumored characters in this list have been released, the chance that Yaoyao, Yunjin, and Shenli will be released in the upcoming versions is pretty high.
Shenli Genshin Impact
Shenli is also one of the rumored characters in Genshin Impact.
  • Yae Sakura appeared in many scenes and missions in Inazuma. However, her release is still questioned. This beautiful character is also highly anticipated.
Genshin Impact Yae Miko Banner Release Date
Yae Miko may come to the game soon after all the main parts of Inazuma have been unlocked.

Those are all information we have known about Genshin Impact Yunjin. She might be released in the following versions when further parts of Teyvat are unlocked. Just stay updated.

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