Rex Lapis Genshin Impact is known as the God of Contracts. He is a mysterious character in the story of Teyvat. There are many secrets behind him that you may haven't known yet. Here are things you need to know about him.

Rex Lapis
Rex Lapis is the oldest archon in Genshin who is over 6,000 years old.

I. Who Is Rex Lapis Genshin Impact?

Rex Lapis is the name of Morax or God of Contracts who presided over Liyue -  the nation of Geo element. The Geo Archon is also one of the two original archons of The Seven who stayed alive from the beginning of the game.

Currently, Rex Lapis appears as Zhongli - a consultant for the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. Zhongli is also one of the most powerful Geo characters in Genshin Impact now.

Rex Lapis is the oldest archon who is over 6,000 years old. He has a lot of secrets that are unlocked gradually in his archon quests and Teyvat's story quests. Appearance wise, Rex Lapis Genshin Impact plush hood covers most of his face, making him look even more mysterious.

His True Form Is A Dragon
Rex Lapis true form is a dragon.

Rex Lapis secrets

There are many things about this archon that not many players have known. Here are some secrets about Rex Lapis you need to know.

  • Rex Lapis was once powerful enough to defeat many Gods easily. He summons spears from the heavens to drill and pin enemies.
  • Other Gods in Teyvat respected Morax a lot. The Geo Archon also has a good relationship with Anemo Archon Barbatos whose current form is Venti.
  • His real appearance is a dragon but he can change his appearance easily to wander in Liyue.
  • Rex Lapis assisted the formation of Liyue Qixing which governs Liyue alongside the Adepti.
  • Morax forms the core principles for Liyue, and has a great influence on the image of this nation. For example, Liyue has a strong connection to contracts in business and traditional values. It's strongly impacted by this God of Contracts.
  • Rex Lapis formed every landscape in Liyue by his hand, from coasts to mountains and forests. Particularly, he created Guyun Stone Forest from his spears.
Rex Lapis Archon
Morax formed every landscape in Liyue.

Further details in the story of Rex Lapis will be unlocked in the upcoming parts of the game.

II. FAQs About Rex Lapis

Here are some common questions about Rex Lapis. You can learn more about him from these questions and answers.

1. Who killed Rex Lapis?

Rex Lapis is said to be assassinated in the titular Rite. The 11th Fatui Harbinger Tartaglia manipulated the Traveler to relay the news of Rex Lapis' death to the Adepti to destabilize Liyue.

However, after many parts of Teyvat's storyline were revealed, it turned out the Geo Archon faked his death. He is living in the form of Zhongli in Liyue currently.

Rex Lapis Faked His Death
Rex Lapis faked his death.

2. Is Zhongli the Rex Lapis?

Yes. Zhongli is the current form of Morax or Rex Lapis. He retired from his Archon position to wander in Liyue as a human after this nation proved that it's strong enough to stay safe and develop without his protection.

3. Why did Rex Lapis fake his death?

Zhongli, the current form of Geo Archon explained that he faked his death to step down from his Archon position in Liyue. He saw that this nation can protect itself without his protection then. So, he wished to live as a human and work as a consultant for Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

III. Genshin Impact Rex Lapis Geo Traveler Diary

Geo Travel Diary is a Daily Commission that repeats many times in Liyue. Players do this mission in Yiyan Temple (Yujing Terrace) in Liyue Harbor. It's very easy to complete this commission and get 10 Primogems per day and a lot of EXP to level up your Adventurer Rank. Follow these steps to complete this daily commission.

  • Talk to Musheng - a male NPC in Liyue Harbor.
  • Give him things that you can collect Liyue, including plants, ingredients, ores, and dishes.

After giving Musheng valid items, you will get the quest rewards, including 10 Primogems, 175-250 Adventure EXP, 1,850 - 4,350 Mora, 15-40 Companionship EXP, and Enhancement Ores.

You need to collect these ingredients and mine ores from the wild in Liyue or cook Liyue dishes to give to Musheng, such as bird eggs, carrots, apples, White Iron chunks, Cor Lapis ores, Jueyun Chili Chicken, SquirrelFish, Glaze Lily, etc. These landscapes and items are created by the Geo Archon - Rex Lapis.

Talk To Musheng
Talk to Musheng and give him the required items.

Those are things you need to know about Rex Lapis Genshin Impact or Geo Archon. He retired from his Archon role now but Rex Lapis still has a huge influence in Liyue up to now.

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