Azhdaha Genshin Impact is a buffed boss introduced back in the 1.5 version. The weekly boss can switch between elements and push players to their limits with his tanky powers.

The boss has a high amount of health and it can take quite a while to take him down especially when players opt to battle with him on the higher difficulties. Many even considered the fight more intense than the original Childe match.

To what extent do we have to go to defeat Genshin Impact Azhdaha? Check this guide for the most useful tips.

How to defeat the Sealed Lord of Vishaps?

Where is Azhdaha Genshin Impact?

Let's see where you can find this weekly boss as well as his background.

1. Genshin Impact Azhdaha location

Players can find Azhdaha’s Trounce Domain in Mt. Hulao, Liyue. However, you can only unlock it after completing No Mere Stone, Zhongli's Story Quest: Act II.

Once the player completes this quest, they will be able to participate in this Weekly boss battle. Players will then be to head do Nantianmen to find a large tree that has sealed away Azhdaha. Inside is a Domain called "Beneath the Dragon-Qualler" that players can participate in.

Azhdaha Domain
Complete Zhongli's story quest to get to defeat this boss.

2. Azhdaha overview

Azhdaha is the Geo elemental dragon that some Liyue legends have mentioned before. The Nameless Treasures are full of designs that tell the lord’s story and the Trails in Tinqiu world quest also relates to him. He is also a powerful weekly boss like La Signora.

Meanwhile, whether you have invested money in the game for 5-star characters or are a free-to-play user, Weekly Bosses let you spend your Resin to unlock precious ascension items. For Azhdaha, you will want to fight him to get Talent level-up materials for Yanfei and Eula.

Azhdaha Boss
Weekly Bosses are scarier to encounter than normal Bosses.

Preparation for Azhdaha Genshin boss fight

Before the fight against Azhdaha, players will want to choose the best characters and prepare backup food to boost the chance of winning.

Azhdaha is not like other bosses as you have to be an expert in dodging or you must bring a shield character. The safest way is to have one of the following Genshin Impact characters in your roster to secure you:

  • Zhongli
  • Noelle
  • Beidou
  • Xinyan
  • Diona

If you have Barbara or Qiqi, it’s also ideal to add them to your team as well. As Azhdaha deals massive damage, it is likely that your characters will be low on health during combat.

Bow User Azhdaha
Use shield and bow users to make sure you can win Azhdaha.

Considering Azhdaha’s ability to change between the four elements, it can be confusing to choose a DPS. The best bet is to pick your favorite and try to put a ranged character like Amber or Ganyu in the extra slot.

Moreover, do some cooking prior to fighting as you will need healing items and stock up the dishes that boost defense and attack. See the best Genshin Impact food to have some revives and buffs with you.

How to defeat Azhdaha Genshin Impact

1. Azhdaha elemental form

The boss will use two elements when the player fights him. The Trounce Domain Door that leads you to the Azhdaha Boss Fight has colored signs that points out the elements he will be using against you.

Make sure you build a team that can solve any element in the fight. The elemental forms of Azhdaha Genshin Impact will change until the following weekly server reset on Monday.

Element Azhdaha
Make sure you gather an ideal team that can counter all elements.

2. Battle strategies

Azhdaha hits very hard and is extremely dangerous up close. The boss swings his tail at the player and will jump up to cause shockwaves and damage players when he lands on the ground. Moreover, he also launches projectile spikes that explode.

We can divide the Azhdaha boss fight into three phases. For each phase, you will have a different scheme to take on to fight against the Lord. The Genshin Impact Azhdaha theme also changes as each phase comes in.

1st phase:

  • As rocks will fall from the sky, dodge them by walking around.
  • Try maintaining your stamina because it will be a valuable source for this phase.
  • Remember that Azhdaha also shoots a homing attack when you go far away and keep on attacking it until the next transition.
Azdaha Genshin
The theme music will change when each phase has passed.

2nd phase:

  • As Azhdaha switches its attacks to Hydro-based damage, this is when using shields comes in handy. Use shield users to negate the ailments that come from the boss.
  • Make use of elemental combinations to attack and whittle his large health bar more quickly.
  • Continue until the boss does a massive earthquake attack and changes to the final phase.

3rd phase:

  • He will now change to Electro attacks. Like phase 1, his attacks will be displayed on the ground to show you where to avoid.
  • Maintain your distance and bring the hostile boss down. Use a catalyst or bow user to keep a safe distance.
  • In case you use a close-range battle style, make sure to have all the healing ready with an equipped shield.

Moreover, take notice of your food buffs while fighting. This domain can be taken in Co-Op mode, so you may team up with other players and take down Azhdaha faster.

The Azhdaha boss fight can be carried out once a week. Don’t worry as, after the first attempt, it will be easier in the future.

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