The Bell Genshin Impact is a 4-star claymore. You can make it a strong weapon to make your character more powerful if you know how to use it. Check out whether The Bell is a good weapon or not. Then, learn how to get and use this claymore effectively for different characters here.

1. Is The Bell A Good Weapon?

The Bell is a 4-star claymore in the Wanderer's Troupe series. It's useless for tankers but good for healers. This series includes The Flute sword, The Widsith catalyst, and The Stringless bow. This claymore has a medium base damage of 42 - 510 at levels 1 to 90. Its bonus effect is HP buff by 9% - 41.3%. At level 90, this weapon gives a huge HP bonus of 41.3%.

Wanderers Troupe Series
The Bell is the claymore in the Wanderer's Troupe weapon series.

Moreover, The Bell has a cool and beautiful appearance with black color and golden lines. Besides, the embedded clock makes it looks cool and impressive. Its appearance and stats will change after ascensions.

This claymore is good for supporters and healers thanks to its huge HP bonus. You should upgrade it to the maximum level to make The Bell more useful.

The Bell Refine
The Bell has a cool and beautiful appearance with black color, golden lines, and an embedded clock.

The Bell in Genshin Impact is a heavy greatsword that helps shield which absorbs DMG up to 20-32% of Max HP to protect your characters from enemies' attacks. This shield will last for 10 seconds and you can get the shield every 45 seconds. Moreover, your character will gain 12-24% of DMG when being protected by this shield.

The Bell Shield
The Bell can create a shield around the character to protect her from attacks.

2. How To Get The Bell Genshin Impact

The Bell is only available to obtain from Weapon Wish Banners, such as the Epitome Invocation weapon wish event. Players have more chances to get this 4-star claymore than 5-star weapons in the same banners. You need to collect weapon enhancement ores and ascension materials to make this weapon more powerful.

Here are all ascension materials you need to farm to ascend The Bell in Genshin Impact.

  • Tile of Decarabian's Tower/Debris of Decarabian's City/Fragment of Decarabian's Epic/Scattered Piece of Decarabian's Dream: You can collect this material series from Cecilia Garden, Alchemy, or Souvenir Shop in Mondstadt.
Buy Tile Of Decarabians Tower
You can purchase the Tile of Decarabian's Tower from the Souvenir Shop in Mondstadt.
  • Heavy/Black Bronze/Black Crystal Horn: You need to defeat Mitachurls to collect them or get high-standard horns from Alchemy.
  • Whopperflower/Shimmering/Energy Nectar: These materials can be dropped by Whopperflower or bought from Paimon's Bargains. The Shimmering and Energy Nectars can be got from Alchemy.
  • 5,000 to 150,000 Mora from the first to fifth ascensions.

To collect boss drops and upgrade The Bell to the maximum level, you should level it up gradually and go hunting bosses. This greatsword is good enough after the second and third ascensions, especially when you give it to the right The Bell Genshin Impact character.

The Bell
You should upgrade the Bell to the maximum level to make it more powerful.

3. Best Characters To Use The Bell Genshin Impact

The Bell claymore in Genshin Impact will deliver its power and effect when you equip it to the right characters. There are many characters using claymore in this game, such as Chongyun, Beidou, Razor, Diluc, Xinyan, Noelle, and Sayu, but not all of them can use The Bell efficiently. You should give this 4-star greatsword to Genshin Impact healers and supporters, such as Noelle, Beidou, Xinyan, and Sayu.

These characters are the best options for the supporting role in your team. Here's how to use The Bell Genshin Impact for each character.

  • Noelle

Noelle is a great Geo supporter with a shield-creating ability. In specific, this 4-star character can create a Geo shield around her when using the elemental skill. This shield can be stacked with the shield created by The Bell to protect her from charged attacks of bosses.

The Bell Stats
The Bell is most useful in the hand of Noelle.
  • Beidou

Beidou is a powerful sub-DPS and supporter with strong Electro slashes. However, her DEF stat is not as high as her ATK stat. Therefore, she is pretty vulnerable in melee combat. If she cannot dash away from the attack chain of the boss, Beidou will take a lot of DMG.

The Bell can protect Beidou in close fights by its shield. When she takes DMG, the shield will be activated to give her protection in 10 seconds.

The Bell Genshin Impact
You can give The Bell to Beidou to boost her HP.
  • Xinyan

Xinyan is also a tanker with great ATK stat but poor DEF stat. Thus, you should give this Pyro supporter The Bell greatsword to protect her from bosses' attack chains, especially when her stamina is low.

The Bell Xinyan
Give this greatsword to Xinyan if you use her as a supporter.
  • Sayu

Sayu is a new Anemo healer. The Bell is a great weapon option for her healer build due to the HP bonus of this claymore. Sayu can heal HP for the whole team when she uses her elemental skills and bursts.

Those are all tips to use The Bell Genshin Impact efficiently. Let's go to farm enhancement and ascension materials to upgrade this greatsword and make it better when you can get it.

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