Summit Shaper Genshin Impact is a 5-star sword from the Liyue series. You can equip it for sword users in Genshin Impact. Check out this guide on how to get and use this 5-star sword efficiently here.

How To Get Summit Shaper

Genshin Impact Summit Shaper can only be obtained from Wish Banners. This 5-star sword is very rare and hard to get. Therefore, you may need to use a lot of Intertwined Fates to get it.

Summit Shaper has a high base damage of 46 after unlocking. It can increase to 608 at level 90. Besides, this weapon has a huge ATK bonus of 10.8% - 49.6%.

Geo Traveler
Summit Shaper is one of the strongest swords in Genshin Impact.

After obtaining Summit Shaper from the weapon wish event, you should upgrade it to the highest level. It helps increase the Shield Strength by 20-40% after 1-5 stacks. You need to collect enough materials for the weapon refinement. Here are weapon ascension materials you need to upgrade Summit Shaper.

  • Luminous Sands, Stone, Relic, and Divine from Guyun: You can farm them from Domain of Forgery: Thundercloud Altar (Monday/Thursday) or Electrostatic Field (Sunday). Besides, they are available to purchase from the Souvenir Shop in Liyue.
  • Hunter's/ Agent's/ Inspector's Sacrificial Knife: You need to defeat Agents to get their knives.
  • Damaged/ Stained/ Ominous Mask: When you defeat Hilichurls, you can pick up their masks. Stained masks and Ominous masks can be crafted from damaged masks.
  • Mora.

Between two stages of ascensions, use other weapons and weapon enhancement ores to level up your weapons. It's recommended to use 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star weapons to upgrade this 5-star sword. These low-rated weapons are very easy to farm from chests.

You should upgrade this sword to make it more powerful.

How To Use Summit Shaper

All sword users in Genshin Impact can use this sword, such as Kamisato Ayaka, Kaeya, Kaedehara Kazuha, Bennett, Qiqi, etc. However, it's better to equip this weapon for the characters who can use the ATK bonus of this sword. There are some characters whom you should give Summit Shaper to.

  • Geo Traveler can play as a sub-DPS or supporter. This character can use the ATK stat of this sword to deal more damage to opponents during combat.
  • Albedo is also a Geo character who can play as a DPS or sub-DPS. Albedo is very powerful in combating bosses. The ATK bonus of this sword makes him stronger. It helps buff his physical ATK a lot.
  • Keqing can be a powerful DPS. Summit Shaper can boost her DMG in melee combat. This Electro character can deal huge DMG to opponents with an ATK bonus from this sword.
Keqing Summit Shaper
This sword makes Keqing, Albedo, and Kazuha stronger.
  • Kaedehara Kazuha: This SS-tier Anemo character plays well in both DPS and supporter roles. This 5-star sword is also a highly recommended weapon for Kazuha. It gives him a great DMG bonus, especially physical DMG.
  • Kamisato Ayaka is a powerful Cryo character. She is a good DPS character in your team.

Besides, you can use this sword for Qiqi, Bennett, Kaeya, and Jean. This 5-star sword has high base damage, so it can make them more powerful.

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