Baizhu is a mysterious proprietor of Bubu Pharmacy and a herbalist in Genshin Impact. As far as the game’s forthcoming character list goes, he is kind of an outside pick because of his role as an NPC. However, his Dendro vision in collaboration with the upcoming introduction of the new element makes the hype for him higher than ever. What you need to know is that Baizhu is intended to become a playable character.

So when can we get our hands on him? In our Baizhu Genshin Impact guide, we will gather everything to know about his potential release date, weapon, backstory, and more.

When will this snake-wrangling character come to the game?

Baizhu Genshin Impact Release Date

Genshin Impact Baizhu’s release date may come at the beginning of 2022, sooner than many people think. Although he was originally leaked in the 1.5 version, the Dendro vision wielder cannot appear before the last element shows up in the game.

While the developers have yet to set an official release date for Baizhu, there are some speculations around it. Dendro characters are scheduled to be added to the game around February 2022 along with the 2.4 update and the Chasm introduction.

While there is no information of Baizhu arriving at the same period, keep your alarm up early next year for his possible release as a playable character in your roster.

Baizhu Dendro
Baizhu will probably come out after the official introduction of Dendro element.

Is Baizhu 5 Star?

Baizhu will be the first 5-star Dendro character in Genshin Impact.

We have not heard any information on a Baizhu banner as his release date remains quite far away. However, data leaks have suggested that Baizhu will likely be a 5-star character who is featured along with a new 4-star character on his arrival.

Yao Yao will likely be that 4-star feature as chances are she will also be a Dendro Vision user.

Yaoyao Leaks
Yao Yao is rumored to be the 4-star to feature beside Baizhu banner.

Genshin Impact Baizhu Weapon & Abilities

Not only does this Dendro-wielding pharmacist have an impeccable design but he also appears in the main Archon story quests and the lately Moonchase Festival event in Genshin Impact. Here’s everything we have known so far about Baizhu Genshin Impact gameplay.

1. Genshin Impact Baizhu weapon

Leaks pointed out that Baizhu will be a catalyst-wielder.

When dataminers discovered that Genshin Impact Baizhu playable character will become reality, they also found proof of a signature weapon named the Jade Catalyst. The idea of what this weapon does or whether it will appear alongside Baizhu remains unclear. Even if Baizhu does not get his signature weapon, there are many strong catalysts from him to pick from.

Baizhu Skills Rumored
A fanmade Genshin Impact Baizhu weapon sketch

2. Baizhu abilities

The fact that he uses a catalyst does make sense once you know that Baizhu suffers from serious health issues which means he cannot handle the strain of intense physical combat.

  • Owns a Dendro Vision

Besides, Baizhu likely has a Dendro Vision. Dendro is basically plant magics and while there are no available Dendro characters at the moment, players have seen slimes with this element in the game. The creatures are vulnerable to fire, as we can expect from plants.

Dendro will also have special elemental resonance and reactions. However, Dendro magic is likely to involve entangling enemies similar to the Freeze effect.

  • May incorporate Pet Snake in skills

Baizhu’s Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst could feature his white snake that wraps around his neck. This detail can be similar to Diluc’s Burst which takes the form of his companion eagle.

Diluc Eagle
Dr Baizhu Genshin Impact gameplay is said to feature his pet snake like Diluc and his eagle.

Baizhu Story In Genshin Impact

Players have learned a bit about Baizhu Genshin Impact thanks to his in-game input. The owner of the famous pharmacy in Liyue is known for being able to treat every kind of ailment with his herbal-made medicine. His back story, though, has more intriguing facts than that.

1. Baizhu and Qiqi relationship

The character has a fascination with eternality. His illness is the reason why he is curious about eternal life. Baizhu also brought in the zombie Qiqi for her attribute that stops her from aging.

He first intended to study Qiqi and has grown to care for her afterward.

Baizhu Qiqi
Qiqi and Baizhu have a complicated link.

2. Baizhu's pet snake

Like Fischl and her night raven Oz, or Razor and his wolf spirit buddy, Baizhu also has a living companion.

Baizhu’s snake name is Changsheng. She has red eyes, while scales, and is draped around Baizhu’s neck like a scarf. While it is not clear what Changsheng is, chances are she is a kind of manifestation of Baizhu’s power.

Moreover, it does not sound like a coincidence that her name means “long life” in Chinese while Baizhu is eagerly searching for immortality.

Baizhu Vision
His white snake, Changsheng, means long life in Chinese.

3. Dr Baizhu Genshin Impact voice actors

Baizhu’s voice actor in Japanese is Kōji Yusa who has been working for a plentiful number of anime. In the last few years, he has been in the Dororo remake, Midnight Occult Civil Servants, High Rise Invasion, and Vanitas.

Baizhu’s English voice, meanwhile, is a little strange. For some reasons, there are some significant changes between his original cutscene voice and that in the most recent collected video.

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