Blossoms of Wealth Genshin Impact is one of two main types of outcrops, including Genshin Impact Blossoms of Wealth and Revelation. You can farm these outcrops to get a lot of rewards. Check out where to find and how to farm outcrops in Genshin Impact.

I. Genshin Blossom Locations

The easiest way to find Blossom of Wealth and Revelation in Genshin Impact is by checking the minimap. The Blossom of Wealth is marked with a yellow circle while the Blossoms of Revelation is in blue.

There are many locations of two Outcrops in each nation: Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma where these crops spawn randomly. However, you can only see two marks of both crop types in the minimap of each nation each time. You need to reach Adventure Rank 12 to unlock Blossoms of Wealth Genshin Impact and Adventure Rank 8 to unlock Blossoms of Revelation.

Blossom Of Wealth
You need to reach Adventure Rank 12 to unlock Blossoms of Wealth Genshin Impact.

When you reach these outcrops, touch the crop to start the challenge. Then, it will spawn enemies, including Slimes, Treasure Hoarders, Eye of the Storm, Mages. Hilichurls, samachurls, etc. Players need to defeat those enemies to claim rewards. Here are all the main locations of Blossoms of Wealth Genshin Impact in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma.

#1. Blossoms Of Wealth In Mondstadt

Springvale, Dawn Winery, and Wolvendom are the three main locations of Blossoms Of Wealth in Mondstadt outcrops here. Each location has different mobs of enemies. These enemies will spawn randomly.

Locations Enemies
  • Electro Slimes
  • Pyro Whopperflower
  • Pyro Slime
Dawn Winery
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Pyro Whopperflower
  • Pyro Slimes
  • Hilichurl Grenadier
  • Electro Hilichurl Shooters
  • Pyro Abyss Mage
  • Pyro Hilichurl Shooters
  • Hilichurl Grenadiers
  • Anemo Samachurl
  • Large Pyro Slime
Blossom Of Wealth In Mondstadt
Blossom of Wealth spawns randomly in Mondstadt.

#2. Blossoms Of Wealth In Liyue

There are many places in Liyue where the Blossoms Of Wealth crop often spawns, including Qingce Village, Sal Terrae, Mingyun Village, Guili Plains, and Wuwang Hill. The number and variants of enemies are also higher than those of Blossoms Of Wealth in Mondstadt. For example:

Locations Enemies
Qingce Village
  • Hydro, Electro, and Pyro slimes.
Sal Terrae
  • Hilichurl Berserkers, Grenadiers, Shooters.
  • Dendro Samachurl
  • Pyro Abyss Mage
  • Cryo Cicin
  • Cryo Slimes
  • Fatui Electro Cicin Mage.
Mingyun Village
  • Stonehide Lawachurl
  • Pyro Hilichurl Shooters
  • Hilichurl Fighter
  • Geo Samachurls
  • Electro Hilichurl Shooters
Guili Plains
  • Ruin Guard
  • Cryo Hilichurl Shooters
  • Cryo Abyss Mage
  • Electro Hilichurl Shooters
  • Cryo Samachurl
Wuwang Hill
  • Treasure Hoarders, including Scouts, Marksman, Pyro Potioneer, Handyman, Gravedigger, Crusher.
  • Fatui skirmishers, including Electro-Hammer Vanguard, Cryo-Gunner Legionnaire, Pyro-Slinger Bracer, and Geochanter Bracer.
  • Stonehide Lawachurl.
Touch The Ley Line To Open
Touch the Ley Line to open the challenge and spawn enemies.

#3. Blossoms Of Wealth In Inazuma

Blossoms of Wealth Genshin Impact spawn randomly around Inazuma. As this nation hasn't been revealed fully, you need to unlock all the new islands in Inazuma by unlocking the Statue of Seven when the island is added. Then, open the minimap to check the locations of outcrops in this nation.

Araumi is a place of the yellow outcrop to farm Mora in Inazuma. These crops will spawn normal bosses in Inazuma and Teyvat.

Defeat All Enemies
Defeat all enemies to complete the crop challenge.

II. Blossoms of Wealth and Revelation Rewards

After defeating enemies, Genshin Impact players use Resin to claim rewards from Blossoms of Wealth Genshin Impact. The Blossoms of Wealth rewards players with Adventure EXP, Companionship EXP, and Mora. You can obtain 20,000 to 60,000 Mora per crop, base on your world level. Meanwhile, Blossoms of Revelation gives players Adventure EXP, Companionship EXP, and different kinds of EXP books.

After you harvest a crop in a nation, another crop will re-appear in another location in the country after a short delay. You can continue to go harvesting the outcrops to get EXP and Mora. Genshin Impact players have to use 20 Original Resins or 1 Condensed Resin to exchange and claim rewards.

Use Resins To Claim Rewards
Use resins to claim Blossom of Wealth Genshin Impact rewards.

III. Common Q&A

1. How many Blossoms of Wealth are there Genshin Impact?

There are three Blossoms of Wealth in Teyvat. Each nation always has one yellow crop for you to farm Mora.

2. Is Genshin Impact Ley Line Blossom Worth It?

Actually, Genshin Impact players rarely farm Ley Line Blossom crops because they are not worth it. There are many easier ways to farm more Mora and a lot of valuable materials in Genshin Impact. You can use the Original Resins and Condensed Resin to claim rewards in artifact and material domains.

Alternatively, you can use resins to claim luxurious rewards after defeating Regisvine bosses. These materials and artifacts from Genshin Impact Domains are more useful than Mora.

Those are basic things you need to know about Blossoms of Wealth Genshin Impact. The level of enemies and rewards will increase when your world rank goes up. Therefore, you need to decide whether to farm it or not.

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