In the Genshin Impact 2.2 update, the new Tsurumi Island is home to a new kind of enemy, the Rifthound. The creature from Abyss were created by a mysterious alchemist named Gold and is posing new big challenges to players.

Also called the Wolves of the Rift, they have two varieties: Thundercraven Rifthounds and Rockfond Rifthounds. While the Thundercraven Rifthounds are linked to Electro Element, the Rockfond beasts belong to the Geo Element. They also come in two different sizes: Regular Rifthounds and smaller Rifthound Whelps that have less health.

As players can use their drops as weapon ascension materials, Genshin Impact Rifthound location becomes even more sought after. Check out where you can find them and the best farming route.

Rifthound Genshin
Where to find the new dangerous foe and defeat it.

Genshin Impact Rifthound Location

1. Where to find all Rifthounds

Those who look to fight Genshin Impact’s latest enemy will first have to reach Tsurumi Island. Rift Hound boss Genshin Impact can be found in the boundaries of Tsurumi Island of Inazuma archipelago.

While we can find them all across the region, they do gather in large numbers over these specific places:

  • North of Autake Planes
  • South of Waukukau Shaol

For the best farming route for Rifthounds, it is recommended to start from the South of Waukukau Shaol.

Rifthound Map
Genshin Impact Rifthound location map.

2. Best farming route for Rifthounds

To detect Wolves of the Rift Genshin location most effectively, teleport to the waypoint south of Waukukau Shaol. After killing the Rifthounds there, go on and teleport to the Waukukau Shaol waypoint.

Run around the west coastline and take down the Rifthounds you come across along the way. As you reach Tsurumi Island’s Northmost area, teleport to the Statue of Seven and head on towards the Chirai Shrine.

Here, you will be able to farm another Rifthound pack. Defeat the bosses and visit the Moshiri Ceremonial Site teleport waypoint to find the last Rifthounds on the map.

How To Defeat Rifthound Genshin Impact

As this is a new type of enemy, some players will first find it troublesome to lock horns against them. Understanding their attack mechanism and which characters to use will help decide the champion.

Rifrhound Attacks
Learning their attack mechanism will help to beat them quick;y.

1. Rifthound attack patterns

  • Forward Strike

The Rift Hound boss Genshin Impact can be seen pouncing at the character in a forward strike, dealing elemental damage according to their element type.

  • Deals Corrosion to players

Once the boss’ attacks hit the active Genshin Impact character, this character and other members in the part will be affected by the corrosion status continuously. Affected members will lose their HP every second while affected. Also, a character’s shield, (such as that of Diona, Noelle), cannot negate this effect.

  • Elemental Devourer State

When a Rifthound is hit by an Elemental Attack, the creature will enter the Elemental Devourer State. This means that although it lessens the Rifthound’s resistance to the Element attacking them, it still lets them fight more fiercely.

2. Best characters and strategies to defeat Rifthounds

The most efficient way to diminish the corrosion effect is to use a good healing character such as Qiqi, Barbara, Kokomi, or Noelle. You can also avoid it by using the petrification status effect or freeze elemental reaction to make sure Rifthounds cannot roll out corrosion in the first place.

Rifthound Character
Electro characters are essential in fighting the wolves.

Moreover, hitting Rifthounds with their own element can create a meter (seen as a ring on their head) that makes them attack much more aggressively. You can leverage their attacks by dealing high damage with Geo and Electro attacks, respectively. Use Ningguang, Geo Traveler, Albedo, then move on to Electro-associated characters like Raiden Shogun, Fischl, Lisa, Sara

Users willing to embrace the danger can use the boss’ own element to efficiently and quickly deal damage at the risk of potentially receiving more damage if the boss lands a combo. Bring Cryo and Hydro characters to launch freeze reactions. This way, you will have a much less dangerous approach.

Zhongli can petrify the Rifthound.

Those who have Zhongli can also use his elemental burst to petrify the creature for the same effect while rolling out Geo damage that can provoke devourer on Rockfond Rifthounds.

Rifthound Material Drops

What makes finding Genshin Impact Rifthound location and fighting them worthwhile is their valuable drops. They can be used to ascend these weapons: Amenoma Kageuchi, The Catch, Polar Star, Kitaiin Cross Spear, Akuoumaru, Wavebreaker’s Fin... Among them, The Catch is a weapon that can also be used in catching fish and Polar Star is the best weapon for Childe.

Concealed Claw Genshin is a weapon ascension material players can get from defeating Rifthounds. There are also higher variants being offered based on your Adventure Rank and World Level.

Concealed Claw
Concealed Claw Genshin Impact

Check out the material drops categorized in three tiers:

  • Rifthound Level 0+: Tier 1 - Concealed Claw
  • Rifthound Level 40+: Concealed Claw, Concealed Unguis
  • Level 60+: Concealed Claw, Concealed Unguis, Concealed Talon

Players may also craft the higher materials with Alchemy. Search for a crafting table in your Serenitea Pot or any main city, then craft it with the following formulas:

  • Concealed Unguis Heart x1 = Concealed Claw x3 + 25 Mora
  • Concealed Talon x1 = Concealed Unguis x3 + 50 Mora

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