There are different puzzles scattered across Tsurumi Island and you won’t manage to tackle some unless you have a Peculiar Pinion in your hand.

To do this, you have to start and solve the Octave of the Maushiro stone puzzles which can be unlocked one day after completing the A Particularly Particular Author in Through the Mists questline.

While getting the gadget is quite simple, players need to take on several steps to pick up this quest. Here’s how to solve the Octave of the Maushiro and get the vital Peculiar Pinion.

Octave Stone Puzzl
Here's how to get the Peculiar Pinion and solve the stone puzzle.

How to unlock Octave of the Maushiro and get Peculiar Pinion

After completing the perch quest, the Octave of the Maushiro will appear after the next day in real-world time.

The instructions of the quest will lead players around Tsurumi Island and get you the usable Peculiar Pinion gadget that can activate bird statues on the island.

Travel to Tsurumi Island and speak to Ruu, the mysterious ancient child who is also the quest-giver. After some explanation, he will give you the ability to use the Peculiar Pinion.

Using it on the murals and bird statues will unveil things you usually cannot see. It is also needed in finding Star-Shaped Gems on Tsurumi Island. Most of the quest is quite straightforward until the puzzles happen. Players have to put stones in a certain order to activate them.

Peculiar Pinion
Speak to Ruu to get this gadget which works similarly to Memento Lens.

Octave of the Maushiro stone puzzle solutions

Follow these solutions and you will be able to get the Peculiar Pinion Genshin Impact gadget.

1. Stone puzzle 1

After getting the gadget from Ruu and running around the island a bit, players will reach the beach with a stone puzzle close by. Use the Peculiar Pinion on the bird statue to get the Electro Seelie appear.

Chase the Seelie down and it will lead players to a mural with the order to hit the stones in.

Stone 1
Stone puzzle 1 solution

2. Stone puzzle 2

The second Octave of the Maushiro stone puzzle requires moving around the stones to make them match the respective symbols on the ground. There are multiple outer areas one can move these stones to. Therefore, you can scoot them out of the way, then put them in the accurate order.

Stone 2
Stone puzzle 2 solution

3. Stone puzzle 3

The last Octave of the Maushiro stone puzzle has another bird statue and a set of stones to solve.

Use the pinion to make three Seelies pop up. Chase them down to find the lost stones and bring them back to the old spots.

Once players have managed to put the stones in their places, the pattern to hit them will appear on the tablet.

Stone 3
Stone puzzle 3 solution

Octave of the Maushiro puzzle rewards

After completing “Octave of Maushiro,” you will be rewarded with 500 Adventure EXP and the following items:

  • Primogems x 50
  • Hero's Wit x 5
  • Mora x 50,000
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x 4

Another quest named The Sea of Fog and the Rite of the Trees will be available to solve after this quest. Players must also wait for another real-time say to unlock it.

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