Silk Flower is one of the Liyue specialties that players will want to collect, especially when Hu Tao's rerun banner is going to happen soon. For those who haven’t known, Silk Flower Genshin Impact is needed to ascend both Xingqiu, Hu Tao while also used to make fabric in the housing system.

What seems to be the problem is many Silk flower bushes are not even present in the game and building a large stock of these materials will take some time despite them being easy to harvest.

Below are all Genshin Impact Silk Flower locations and their best farming route.

Silk Flower Genshin
Silk Flowers are ascension materials for Hu Tao & Xingqiu.

Genshin Impact Silk Flower locations & farming route

Silk Flowers are a little different from other Genshin Impact plants as they only spawn in two locations in Liyue. This actually makes it less time-consuming as you don’t have to wander around much.

1. Yujing Terrace

The first location where players can find Silk Flower is at the Yujing Terrace in Liyue Harbor.

Teleport to the waypoint close by and follow the marked route every couple of days. You may also come across some Glaze Lilies around this region.

Yujing Terrace
Go around the Yujing Terrace and get the flowers from the bushes.

2. Wangshu Inn

The second Silk Flower location is Wangshu Inn which is situated between Liyue Harbor and Stone Gate.

Follow the route in the above picture and players shall collect the flowers in no time. Just make sure that the bush has stopped shining as you leave because there could be some Silk Flower left that you haven’t collected. It only takes one Silk Flower to make a fabric piece.

Wangshu Inn
Wangshu Inn outskirts are where the Silk Flowers are.

Each Silk Flower bush will give players 3 flowers. They have bright red color which makes them stand out and very easy to spot.

Apart from getting Silk Flowers from the wild. You can pick them up from two stores.

Where to buy Silk Flower

Players can purchase Silk Flowers from Ms. Bai in Qingce Village and Verr Goldet from Wangshu Inn. This makes the plant one of the few ascension materials you can look for at numerous locations.

  • Ms. Bai

She is located right next to the chief’s house in Qingce Village. She may appear hard to spot at first look. Moreover, you will have gone too far if you run past the mill.

Ms Bai
Meet Ms. Bai to purchase some Silk Flowers from her.
  • Verr Goldet

She operates Wangshu Inn and is known as Boss. Players need to teleport to the checkin desk in Inn to find her. She always stays behind the desk.

Verr Goldet
Silk Flower Shop
You will need 10,o00 Mora to get all of them from both stores.

Both stores have 5 in-stock Silk Flowers, each of which costs 1000 Mora.

The stores restock every 2 days and visiting Verr Goldet might be added to the last part of your Wangshu Inn farming route.

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