On Inazuma island in Genshin Impact, you can find ways to earn Primogems, and one of the best methods is to visit Shrines of Depths sprinkled around the place. You will also have to find Shrine of Depths keys to break the seal and claim the chest rewards inside.

Finding the scattered shrines can be quite a big task as there are currently six large islands and the shrines are small. See Inazuma Shrine of Depths locations and keys below.

Inazuma Shrine
Check out where you can find every Inazuma Shrine of Depths.

How to get Inazuma Shrine of Depth keys

There are 10 Shrine of Depth keys to find in Inazuma. You can earn them by completing various tasks such as going through the main story of the game.

1. Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow

One Shrine of Depths key will be offered to you in the second act of the story: Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow. Complete Amidst Stormy Judgment and defeat the Raiden Shogun to get your reward.

2. Inazuma Statue of the Seven

Five keys arrive after you donate to the Inazuma Statue of the Seven. Players can get a key at levels two, four, six, eight, and ten. There are many electroculus when exploring so this is not hard to get.

Electro Sigil
Worship the Inazuma Statue of the Seven

3. Sacred Sakura Tree

The last 4 Inazuma Shrine of Depths keys can be obtained from the Sacred Sakura Tree. Donate sigils to reach level 8. After level 8, every ten levels then will give players another key. As it takes a while to get to 48, it is better to focus on collecting other Shrine keys first.

Sacred Sakura
Each unlocked shrine will give players 40 Primogems and a lot of other items such as mora, artifacts, and weapons.

Inazuma Shrine of Depths locations

There are 10 Shrines of Depths in Inazuma. While Liyue and Mondstadt Shrines have been sought after since their release, those on Inazuma are new to many.

Check our map with the marked locations and how you can get there the fastest.

1. Narukami Island

Shrines on Narukami Islands lay out and about, so it’s easy to spot them as you head to the marked spots.

For the shrine close to Ritou, make use of The Waverider summoner to call for your boat and go to the destinations.

Narukami Islands Shrines
Narukami Islands Shrines

2. Kannazuka Island

The closest shrine to the island’s south end will not be available until you can destroy the barrier around the Mikage Furnace. In case you have not done so, visit Kujou Encampment to begin the Tatara Tales quest and learn to break the shield that blocks your way.

The 2 Shrines of Depths on Kannazuka both stay on cliffs. The easiest way to reach them is to use the teleporter beneath the Mikage Furnace.

Kannazuka Island Shrine
Kannazuka Island Shrines

3. Watatsumi Island

The single Shrine key on Watatsumi Island is located at the cliffside’s bottom. Head down the entrance to the Hydro Hypostasis battle.

Watatsumi Island Shrine
Watatsumi Island

4. Yashiori Island

Yashirori Island shrines are visible and both are located on cliffs. Use the teleporter to glide down to them fast.

Yashiori Island
Yashiori Island

5. Seirai Island

There is one Shrine on Seirai Island and it’s situated across the marked waypoint.

Seirai Islands Shrine
Seirai Island

6. Tsurumi Island

In order to reach the Tsurumi Island Shrines of Depths, complete most parts of the "A Particularly Particular Author" quest first. As the fog will appear again after four days, you will want to know how to clear the mist for good.

Tsurumi Island
Tsurumi Island

If players try to reach the shrines before doing the quest, they will be lost in the mist and get teleported to where they began. Both Shrines are on cliffs and you can get them by following the waypoints as in the image.

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