Cooking in Genshin Impact seems like a simpler take than defeating enemies of all kinds. However, it is a great way to restore health, stamina, and give your character huge stat boosts during encounters.

Without a doubt, many food recipes require raw meat to make. As stocking up on a lot of Genshin Impact Meat is not always the easiest task, this guide has everything from its locations to recipes.

Genshin Impact Meat
Meat is an important material in Genshin Impact.

How to get Genshin Impact meat

Most wildlife in Genshin Impact drops a few slabs of meat, although what comes from birds is fowl instead. It is used in many Genshin Impact food recipes, so make sure to get as many pieces as possible.

There are three primary ways to get meat in Genshin Impact: hunt animals, buy from shops, and expeditions.

1. Hunt wild animals

The most straightforward way to get raw meat is by hunting animals, and Brightcrown Canyon is the very first meat location that you should head to.

You can find tons of boars running around the highlands there. The creatures will run off when one of them gets shot, so you’d better be quick. Use a bow-user or a character that uses long-ranged AoE attacks to get multiple down at once, then collect the meat afterward.

Boar Raw Meat
Shoot wild animals with Pyro attacks to obtain Raw Meat.

2. Buy with Mora

If you don’t fancy the idea of hunting, you can buy raw meat from shops. Go to Springvale in Mondstadt and find the way to Draff. As long as users speak to him in the daytime, they can have a look at his shop and seek raw meat in his good list.

Draff is currently the only shop owner that sells Genshin Impact meat which costs 240 Mora each. Players can get 10 raw meat per day.

3. Send characters on expeditions

Finally, you can gain raw meat in Genshin Impact by sending characters on expeditions. Currently, there is only one expedition in Windrise that rewards raw meat. You can obtain 8-12 raw meat every 20 hours.

Use Bennett or Fischl to reduce Mondstadt expedition time.

You can send characters on expeditions to get Meat and Fowl.

How to get Genshin Impact chilled meat

Chilled Meat is a variant of raw meat. The difference is it is preserved in ice and the location to find it is also quirkier than usual.

1. Where to find chilled meat

Players can find chilled meat from frozen boars across Dragonspine. These creatures do not have a certain spawn location but do often appear along the main routes. Just head down the Snow Covered Path, or spawn in at the Statue of the Seven.

Similar to regular boars, after being unfrozen, they will run away until they vanish in sight. However, one strike is enough to take them down.

These ice boars are much bigger and do more damage when running into characters. Each of them drops from 2-3 chilled meat pieces.

Iced Boar
Players must hunt frozen boars for chilled meat.

2. How to get chilled meat in Genshin Impact

Unlike other unmeltable ice, ice that surrounds chilled meat can easily defrost when you use any Pyro user (Amber, Diluc…). Hit it with fire weapons or fire-based skills and the ice will melt, revealing large boars with darker, more greenish colored-fur compared to the reddish-brown ones you are familiar with.

Just search for any roundish ice blocks protruding out of the ice. When you manage to melt it, the boar will either charge towards or run away from you. So be quick to hit them before they get too far.

Fight Boar King
Defeating the Great Snowboar King can take quite some attempts.

Note: Other animals do not provide chilled meat solely from being on the snow mountain. Frozen boars are the only creature to provide Genshin Impact meat in a chilled condition.

Genshin Impact meat recipes

Among many recipes that need meat as an ingredient, here are the two most sought-after dishes lately.

1. Genshin Impact Tianshu Meat

  • Ingredients: Raw Meat x4, Sugar x2, Qingxin x1, Matsutake x1

The recipe for Tianshu Meat can be bought from Licai or obtained from Ms. Yu for reaching Reputation Level 7 in Liyue.

This 4-star braised dish can increase the Physical DMG and CRIT Rate of all party members by 25-45% and 6-10% for 300 seconds.

Tianshu Meat
Genshin Impact Tianshu Meat is one of the many favorite dishes that require meat as an ingredient

2. Genshin Impact Mora Meat

  • Ingredients: Raw Meat x1, Flour x1

You can get the recipe for Genshin Impact Mora Meat from Mt. Aocang during the Custodian of Clouds quest. Or else, purchasing it from Mr. Zhu or Su Er'niang for 430 Mora will also do.

The dish can revive a character and restore 100 HP.

Apart from these recipes, raw meat is also used in Noodles With Mountain Delicacies which is one of the best Genshin Impact food to use for stamina and more.

Mora Meat
The large hunk of minced meat inside of a pastry can turn into Qiankun Mora Meat if you make it with Ningguang.

How to get Ah Fresh Meat quest Genshin Impact

Ah, Fresh Meat! is the quest that occurs in Dragonspine involving the Great Snowboar King. Begin the quest by speaking to Harris who is in Dragonspine Adventurer Camp. Players need to spot the frozen boars first, and then defeat their king.

Follow these steps to complete the Ah Fresh meat Genshin Impact quest.

1. Get 10 pieces of Chilled Meat.

2. Talk to Harris

3. Get the Great Snowboar King meat after melting and killing all encased boars in the region.

4. Talk to Harris and he will give you the Goulash recipe.

Goulash Genshin
This recipe requires two Chilled Meat, two Carrots, one Tomato.

5. Make Goulash and give it to Harris.

6. Search for Harris at 18:00 and speak to him again.

Completing the quest will grant you 300 Adventure EXP, 40 Primogems, 4 Hero’s Wit, 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 5 Delicious Goulash, and 1 Goulash recipe.

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