Boars are one of the entities players usually see roaming in the world of Minecraft. While new players may think boars are simply designed for adornment purposes, killing these animals actually helps them get raw meat which is important in cooking the best Genshin Impact food to increase combat stats.

This article will help you know where to find boars in Genshin Impact and how to get unlimited meat.

Genshin Boar
Is forest boar rare in Genshin Impact and where can you hunt for them?

Where to find boars in Genshin Impact

Forest boar is not rare in Genshin Impact. In fact, players can find Forest Boars anywhere in Teyvat. They usually gather around grassy regions, roaming around in both single units and in packs.

Below are the best Genshin Impact hunting spots for forest boars.

Best places to find boars in Genshin Impact

The best place to find boars Genshin Impact is Brightcrown Canyon. There is an area called Boar Bell, near Stormterror's Lair in Mondstadt, where dozens of boars can be found.

Brightcrown Canyon Boar
Brightcrown Canyon is the best place to hunt boars, along with other spots like Wolvendom, Dawn Winery...

Moreover, Genshin Impact wild boar respawn places also include Springvale and Liyue. Apart from Brightcrown Canyon, players can head to these places and shoot them down:

  • Springvale Forest
  • Windwail Highland
  • Wolvendom
  • Dawn Winery

Killing a boar will get you 2 pieces of raw meat. It is best to use a bow user with charged shots to kill the boars as they usually scatter when you get too close. Venti, Fischl, and Ganyu are the most recommended in this case.

On another hand, if you lack time to hunt the boars down, you can adopt these methods instead: sending characters on Windrise Expeditions, buying wild boars from Chubby (Serenitea pot traveling salesman), or buying raw meat from Draff in Springvale.

Boar Hunting Place
Genshin Impact wild boar respawn time is quick enough that you can cycle through them each time you kill a set.

Where to find the Boar King Genshin Impact?

While locations of boars in Genshin Impact scatters across Teyvat, where to find the Boar King Genshin Impact is somewhere more challenging.

The Great Snowboar King is the true ruler of Dragonspine. Hence, you can find this miniboss and special enemy in Dragonspine, to the East of Entombed City - Ancient Palace. For easier display, look south of the word "Ancient" on the map.

You can get a lot of raw meat after defeating the king boar as it is also part of the "Ah, Fresh Meat!" World Quest.

Snownboar King
Killing Snowboar King can give you a load of chilled meat.

How to get unlimited raw meat in Genshin Impact

Manually looking for raw meat from boars in Genshin Impact hunting spots is a common method. But do you know you can farm nearly 4000 raw meat in just 1 hour? A Youtuber has discovered a bug in the game that makes this possible.

Follow these steps to glitch out unlimited raw meat in Genshin Impact.

1. Unlock "Return of the Jade Chamber?" quest

Take notes that this quest will be playable once you have completed Ganyu’s Story Quest added back in update version 1.2.

2. Play the quest until you're asked to "Chase the boars"

In the middle of the "Return of the Jade Chamber?" quest, players will be asked to go after some boars and chase them out of the area. The mission requires you to enter three yellow circles on the map. However, only approach two circles and avoid the third one.

3. Invite your friends when being at the exact location

By standing at this spot, other users can join your world and help you hunt boars. You can open the world for Co-op or activate “Allow Direct Join” in the settings to make things a tad easier.

Head To This Exact Location To Invite Friends
Go to this exact location and call for your friend.

4. Ask friends to kill all boars, then return to single-player mode

As your friends have entered your world, ask them to defeat all the boars in the area.

Once the animals have been fully slain, use the menu to come back to single-player mode and kick your friends out. However, don’t pick up the rewarding Raw Meat on the ground, just leave them there.

5. Ask your friends to return and kill more boars

As you have been back to single-player, ask your friend to return and slay the boars again. As they are back, the boars will also respawn, waiting to be killed.

Once all the boars have been slain, disconnect and repeat this step till you have farmed enough Raw Meat to your liking. Avoid collecting the material until you are done with the bug.

If done correctly, players shall be able to get up to 4,000 Raw Meat per hour, saving a lot of time compared to common methods.

How to get hit by a boar Genshin Impact

While this may sound irrelevant, there is actually an achievement called “Boared to Death”. You can only unlock it by getting killed by a Forest Boar.

To achieve this, let one of your characters fall to their death, then revive them with low-HP food. Now, your barely-alive character can be more easily gored by a boar.

Just head to one of the best places to find boars as we mentioned above, run towards one and let it hit you.

Boared To Death
Getting killed by a boar can open a hidden achievement called Boared to Death.

There’s everything you need to know about where to find boars in Genshin Impact. Follow Gurugamer for more useful guides.

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