Another character in Genshin Impact seems to be leaked before miHoYo can officially announce her feature on the roster. A datamined cutscene posted on Youtube likely reveals the footage of Yelan, a new name from Liyue who is connected to Fu Hua from Honkai Impact, the sister game of Genshin Impact.

Her design and the juicy speculations about her links to some popular characters in the game already had fans saving Primogems for later. Here’s everything we know about Yelan Genshin Impact as of now.

Yelan Genshin Impact
Here's everything we know about Yelan so far!

1. When is Yelan Genshin Impact release date?

As the developers have not confirmed the participation of this character, we have yet received any information about her release date.

However, we can have some estimates due to the earlier leaks. It is believed that Version 2.2 will have 2 rerun banners while Version 2.3 will have at least a re-run, possibly Yae Miko.

Supposed that Yelan is a 5-star character, she is likely arriving the earliest in Version 2.4 update which occurs on 5 January 2022. Previously, she is also on the list of Genshin Impact rumored characters to arrive in 2021.

2. Yelan Genshin Impact leaks

As of late, there have been two solid leaks concerning Yelan so far. The first one was in July 2021 when a dataminer found her name in the code. The second one is this month when leaker UBatcha identified her from a datamined cutscene. Yelan was wielding a polearm there.

Yelan Leak
Yelan was seen in a cutscene.

Is Yelan connected to Fu Hua from Honkai Impact?

As pointed out by Uncle Uba and some fans, Yelan shares striking similarities to Fu Hua in Honkai Impact 3rd. In the story of the game, Fu Hua is immortal and is the survivor from the Previous Era.

We currently have only the above image of Yelan’s design. It is unlikely that the similarities between Yelan Genshin Impact and Fu Hua Honkai Impact will appear in the 3D model.

This is not the first time Genshin Impact used the Honkai character-alike designs. For instance, Raiden Shogun looks just like Raiden Mei from Honkai Impact. Moreover, Venti is a ringer in Honkai Impact’s Wind Herrscher.

She is said to have a connection to Honkai Impact's Fu Hua due to their visual resemblance.

The similarities seem quite intentional as Archons and Herreschers are respectively the most formidable forces in the two games. Although the connection seems small, fans have used it to theorize both series’ future.

Is Yelan related to Xingqiu?

On another hand, several fans believe that Yelan comes from the Guhua clan. This is because her stance and outfits are very alike to Xingqiu’s.

Apart from that, the Guhua clan not only had Sword techniques as used by Xingqiu but also Polearm manner.

Fans also believe Yelan is linked to Xinqiu.

3. What will be Yelan role in Genshin Impact?

Although no confirmation has been made regarding how Yelan will fit into the story, there are theories.

A theory suggests that she is a younger Madame Ping. This is created due to the fact that Yelan seems to hold the Cleansing Bell. Meanwhile, another says that she can be the human form of the Adeptus, aka the Cloud Retainter. If it is trusted, Adeptus does have a similar color scheme to Yelan’s.

Cloud Retainer
Rumor has it that she is the human form of Cloud Retainer.

Allegedly, Cloud Retainer was planned to be a playable character called Shenli, unveiled in a datamine. Yelan Genshin Impact could be their second attempt to build this character.

We did see miHoYo performing considerable redesigns with Mini who is reportedly the newest Inazuma character Kokomi. So the above theory sounds quite possible.

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