Palace In A Pool is a new Domain in Genshin Impact. It's located in Suigetsu Pool, Watatsumi Island, Inazuma. Check out this guide on how to unlock this domain here.

Palace In A Pool Details

When exploring the northeast area of Watatsumi Island, you will find a mysterious pool that is full of water. There is a domain hidden underwater. To unlock this Palace In A Pool, players need to complete the Archon Quest for Chapter 2: Act 1. You will get 40 Primogems after the first clear in this Domain.

There are many dangerous bosses and enemies inside this domain in Inazuma.

  • Nobushi: Hitsukeban
  • Mirror Maiden
  • Treasure Hoarders (Pyro Potioneer, Pugilist, and Cryo Potioneer).

They are pretty hard to defeat, especially the Mirror Maiden with deadly annoying long-range attacks.

Palace In A Pool Location
Palace In A Pool location.

How To Unlock Palace In A Pool Genshin Impact

The first step to unlock the Palace In A Pool domain is solving the water-level puzzle. Firstly, you need to get to the pool and observe it. Then, follow these steps to solve the puzzle.

  • Summon Electroganum from nearby Thunder Sakura Boughs and move to make the arrow rotate and point to the correct direction. Or else, you can use Beidou's elemental skill to get Electro-inflicted.
  • Light up all the Electro Monuments rapidly to clear the puzzle. It's recommended to use the elemental skills or charged arrows of Lisa, Sara, or Fischl.
Use Saras Charged Arrows
Use Sara's charged arrows to light up all the Electro Monuments.
  • Drop to the water and enter the Hallways on the wall of the well that faces the Domain's entrance. Swim through the tunnel and enter the inner room. As the tunnel is pretty long, make sure you have full stamina before start swimming.
  • Press three buttons on three walls of the inner room to open the metal gate.
  • Go through the gate and look up to the ceiling and you will find a Relay Stone. Climb to the wall and glide toward the Relay Stone. Then, you activate the Cube mechanism to remove water in the hole.

After draining all the water in the hole, you can interact with the entrance of the domain to unlock it.

How To Solve Relay Stone Puzzle

When you press three buttons on the wall to open the metal gate, there is a downward stair that you haven't explored yet. After draining water in the pool, go through the stair and follow Seelie to connect the Discharged Stone and Cumulative Stone above the Ruins. Then, follow these steps to unlock the Relay Stone Puzzle.

  • Follow the Electro Seelie to find and activate Electro Monuments in the right order and unseal the Lightning Probe.
  • Use Beidou's elemental burst or summon Electroganum to make the arrow point to the relay stone and open the gate. Collect the Relay Stone inside the room and come back to the starting room.
  • Climb up the ceiling and collect two other Relay Stones.
  • Place Relay Stones between Recharged Stones and the Cumulative Stone.
  • Get electro-inflicted by summoning an Electroganum to make your character a connector like those Relay Stones and make the last link.
Genshin Impact Pool Relay Stone
Solve the Relay Stone Puzzle above the Domain.

After solving the Relay Stone puzzle, you will get an Exquisite Chest next to the Cumulative Stone. After unlocking Palace In A Pool Domain, you can use it as a teleport waypoint to get to this island quickly.

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