Scarab Genshin Impact is a new local specialty introduced along with the new desert area Sumeru. This creature resembles Onikabuto in the fact that they do not try to run away as you approach them. However, they can still be seen moving around within a small zone.

So far, scarab is the most annoying creature to collect across Teyvat at the moment. This is due to the fact that the new desert has a maze-like underground. If you are also one of those who want to farm this creature to level up Cyno or stack it up for further purposes in the future, here’s a guide on scarab location Genshin Impact.

Scarab Genshin
Where can you find the hiding scarabs in Genshin Impact?

Scarab location Genshin Impact

While the Genshin Impact scarabs are scattered around the desert region, the highest density of them is available in the Sumeru map’s western area. More specifically, you can run around the Mausoleum of King Deshret in the Hypostyle Desert.

Then, you can travel west and wander around the pyramid before taking the last batch at the Sobek Oasis.

If anything, this pyramid can be used as a handy farming route as players can circle around it and collect scarabs as they go. Players can also use Genshin Impact interactive map to find the handy spots of all scarab locations.

Scarab location genshin impact
You can access to Genshin Impact interactive map to find the scarabs.

Be aware that scarab Genshin Impact is sometimes quite hard to spot, especially when they roll around with the sand all the time.

As you get close, the creature will emerge from the sand and roll a ball. Therefore, do not run through too fast or you may miss them.

Genshin Impact Scarab farming route

A lot of these beetles are underground, so players need to go under the sands to find them.  You have to start the Golden Slumber world quest to have access to Sumeru’s underground desert. You can begin the quest in Aaru Village and then increase your clearance in the quest after it.

Besides the above farming route, this is another scarab farming route you can take as a reference to farm them the most efficiently.

Scarab aboveground farming route

Here's a reference for you to farm these beetles on the ground.

Scarab Aboveground Farming
Aboveground farming route for scarab Genshin Impact. (credit: Polygon)

Scarab underground farming route

Make sure you are able to go underground to farm these materials.

Scarab Undergroud Farming
Underground farming route for scarab Genshin Impact. (credit: Polygon)

There are 76 scarabs on the whole for one-time farming. So to have 168 scarabs for Cyno ascension, you will have to wait for 48 real-time hours to have them spawned again.

Another way is to enter a friend’s world and ask them if you can get some scarabs from their world.

Make sure that you don't attack these beetles, just grab them without using any attacks. Or else, they will disappear into the ground.

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