The biggest addition to Genshin Impact 3.1 is the new desert area in the Sumeru region. The large area contains a lot of puzzles, and some of them are locked behind clearance from a gadget called Scarlet Sand Slate.

Overall, there are 6 clearances for the Scarlet Sand Slates, and players need to clear some quests to get them. In this article, Gurugamer will show players a complete guide on how to increase clearance in Genshin Impact Sumeru.

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1. Golden Dream: The Secret of Al-Ahmar

Firstly, you need to talk to Bonifaz in Aaru Village to start the Golden Dream quest. Just follow the navigation to get the Scarlet Sand Slate gadget.

Clearance 1 & 2

Players can get the first clearance and second clearance for the Scarlet Sand Slate from the  Golden Dream quest under a sub-quest called "The Secret of Al-Ahmar".

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One would be granted right after opening the coffin inside King Deshret's Mausoleum and going to the highest floor. The other is granted when Travelers investigate the room located deep within (after proceeding deeper within the ruins) in The Secret of Al-Ahmar subquest.

2. Dual Evidence: Ferryman's Clearance

Clearance 3

Meanwhile, the Ferryman’s Clearance is automatically added after talking to Soheil in Aaru Village when players start the Dual Evidence questline.

Keep in mind that you need to wait for one daily server reset, as this quest will only be available after the Golden Dream is completed.

3. Dual Evidence: Place of Rebirth

Clearance 4, 5 & 6

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After reaching Sekhem Hall, players will find three new locations in their Scarlet Sand Slate gadget.

The fourth clearance is gained by completing the puzzle in the Place of Rebirth. Just head to the western room and solve the Pyro torch puzzle. Bring the Primal ember to the main chamber. Afterward, head to the northern hall and take a right, going down the steps to activate the Primal Beams. This in turn activates the Primal ember in the middle of the room. Follow it to get the fourth clearance.

The fifth clearance is also within the Dual Evidence quest, under the Place of Rebirth in Scarlet Sand Slate. This puzzle is similar to the previous location, where players needed to guide Primal Embers to their torches.

The final clearance for Scarlet Sand Slate is from Place of Breath under the Dual Evidence quest. Just follow the marker and activate the Primal ember when possible. There are three embers, one after the blue room, another right before the main chamber and the last one in a room connected to the north elevator.

4. Clearance list

If listed step-by-step, here’s a sequence of how the Clearance can be obtained. After obtaining all of them, you’re now free to adventure around the desert and solve puzzles.

  • First Clearance: Golden Slumber: The Secret of Al-Ahmar
  • Second Clearance: Golden Slumber: The Secret of Al-Ahmar
  • Third Clearance: At the start of Dual Evidence
  • Fourth Clearance: Dual Evidence: Duat Hall
  • Fifth Clearance: Dual Evidence: Place of Rebirth Trial
  • Sixth Clearance: Dual Evidence: Place of Breath Trial

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