Apart from playable characters, many NPCs in Genshin Impact are secretly essential. Here are the top 6 NPCs with significant influence in this game that you should know.

#1. Katheryne

Katheryne is one of the most important NPCs in Genshin Impact who you can meet at any spot of Adventurer's Guild all around Teyvat. This NPC can be a robot which can explain why she appears in every nation. Besides, you can hear her saying some strange words like "Error" and "Rebooting" when standing around her.

Katheryne Genshin Impact
You can see Katheryne in any nation all around Teyvat.

#2. Zhiqiong

Travelers will meet Zhiqiong, an Adventurer's Guild member in The Chasm. She is also the quest giver of many missions in this area. At the end of the quest chain The Chasm, this NPC left a letter before disappearing. In the letter, Zhiqiong raised a question about the importance of Vision and expressed her resentment towards Gods in Teyvat.

Zhiqiong Genshin Impact
Zhiqiong holds many secrets about Gods in Teyvat and Visions.

#3. Nobumori

When Travelers do the quest chain in Inazuma and have to visit Komore Teahouse, they will meet an NPC called Nobumori. This man used to have a Vision but he looks very happy and elegantly slender when losing his Vision. The dialogue with this NPC may hint that Gods in Teyvat and Visions are not as good as they look like.

Nobumori In Inazuma
Nobumori also holds many secrets about Visions in Genshin Impact.

#4. Katarina

The Fatuus NPC Katarina also plays an important role in the story of Genshin Impact. Though she is a Fatui, she is not very hostile towards the Traveler. Like Lumine, Katarina is also looking for his missing brother Nikolay. From the interesting conversation with Katarina, players have a new look at Fatui members, who are not unfeeling enemies. They are also normal people outside their jobs.

Katarina is a Fatui member
Katarina will tell Traveler many things about Fatui.

#5. Chouji

The little boy Chouji living in the small beautiful Higi Village in Inazuma is also one of the most important NPCs. His villagers were affected by the Tatarigami, including his parents. Then, he became an abandoned child. According to Chouji, Higi villagers were killed or lost their minds in the Tatarigami event. His mother sent him a letter, telling Chouji not to go to find them.

Chouji lost his parents
You can learn about the Tatarigami in Hiji village from Chouji.

#6. Black Serpent Knights

Players find that Black Serpent Knights are dangerous enemies in Genshin Impact. But they also unveil a lot of important information about the mysterious nation Khaenri'ah. These rival knights used to serve this nation as Royal Guards.

Black Serpent Knights come from Khaenri'ah
Black Serpent Knights come from the fallen nation Khaenri'ah.

Travelers also get some interesting details and hints about the fallen nation and Abyss Order when talking with different knights, such as Serkir and Rethel. For example, Serkir calls the Traveler an"envoy of the heavens" with a hostile attitude while Rethel calls him/her "Traveler" directly. They may know more information about the origin of Travelers.

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