Genshin Impact is undeniably one of the best Gacha games in the industry now. But it sometimes fails to satisfy players. Check out the top three events that the game disappointed players since its release.

#1. Zhongli's Initial Release

The initial release is the first time the Genshin Impact community got disappointed. According to the game's story, Zhongli is known as the greatest warrior in The Seven. He is also the oldest archon in Teyvat who has been existing for over 6000 years and defeated lots of Evil gods.

Zhongli Was Weaker Than Expected
Zhongli was weaker than expected.

Before his release, players were highly expecting that this archon would be the most powerful playable character at that time. But his power at the initial release strongly disappointed a lot of players. Zhongli's ability was not impressive at that time:

  • The DMG of Elemental skill was not very high;
  • His shield was not solid enough;
  • The DMG of his Elemental burst was weaker than that of the current Zhongli;
  • Zhongli did not have many ideal weapons to use and boost his power at that time.

Then, a wide number of players criticized the game publisher and made the developer team modify this character massively and give Zhongli a buff.

He Was Buffed Then
He was buffed after the bad reaction from players.

#2. The First Anniversary Event

The first Anniversary event of Genshin Impact was also a big disappointment for players. It took place at the same time as the Moonlight Merriment event in Liyue, right before the release of Inazuma in update 2.0.

During the first anniversary, the game publisher introduced the 7-day log-in event for players to get 10 Intertwined Fates. Besides, players obtained a lot of Primogems from the anniversary event. But it still made players down.

Fans Were Not Happy
Fans were not happy with poor rewards during the first Anniversary celebration.

The player community claimed that MiHoYo should have rewarded eligible players a souvenir gift instead of giving them Fates and Primogems which did not have any meaning. After the bad reactions from many players, the game publisher sent players 400 Primogems and an Anniversary Glider via in-game mailbox.

#3. Yae Miko's Power

The third event that Genshin Impact failed to satisfy players is the release of Yae Miko. This Electro character was also highly anticipated in Genshin Impact who was expected to help the Electro party be more powerful and useful.

Yae Mike Was Weaker Than Fans Expectation
Yae Mike was weaker than fans' expectations.

Yae Miko appeared very early in the Inazuma quest chain, and supported and saved the Traveler from Scaramouche. She also inherited the giant power from her fox bloodline and was chosen to be the Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine.

That impressive profile of Yae Miko made players expect that she could change the meta of the game when the Electro team is slightly weaker than Cryo, Hydro, and Pyro teams. But the power of Yae Miko also let players down when she did not have the best artifact set and supporters.

She Needs A Buff
She needs a buff.

She could still be strong and dangerous but you have to invest a lot of Primogems to unlock a high constellation level for this character. The later modification in her elemental skill even got a worse reaction, making the developer team return the old kit for her.

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