Cryo is one of the most aggressive elements in Genshin Impact. Many Cryo characters can play the role of main DPS in your team. If you build a proper Cryo team, it's easy to win every combat and challenge. Here are the top 4 strongest Cryo teams for you.

#1. Ayaka Frozen Team

The frozen team of Kamisato Ayaka is one of the strongest teams in Spiral Abyss. Ayaka is the tier-1 DPS character in Genshin Impact now. But she also needs strong teammates to make an over-powerful team, such as Kazuha, Kokomi, and Shenhe.

  • Ayaka is definitely the main DPS of this team.
  • Kazuha and Shenhe are sub-DPS characters.
  • Kokomi is the Hydro supporter to make the condition for the frozen reaction.

After the arrival of Shenhe, Cryo DPS characters perform much better than previously, including Ayaka. Not only their personal skills but the elemental resonance and reactions between characters also make this team perform very well.

Kamisato Ayaka
You can build some Cryo teams with Kamisato Ayaka.

#2. Morgana Team

Morgana is the first frozen team in Genshin Impact which is the forerunner of Ayaka's Frozen team. This team is easy to play, build, and control with stable output damage. This team includes Ganyu, Venti, Mona, and Diona.

  • Ganyu is the main DPS;
  • Venti and Mona are supporters;
  • Diona is the healer, supporter, and shielder.

The talent and crowd control ability of Anemo characters like Kazuha and Venti help spread the frozen effect and decrease the elemental resistance of enemies.

Ganyu Team
Ganyu is one of the most powerful DPS in Genshin Impact.

#3. Ganyu Melting Team

Ganyu is one of the most favorite and powerful Cryo DPS in Genshin Impact. Players can build many strong teams with this character. If you know how to use the Cryo element properly, it's easy to win every combat challenge.

  • Ganyu is the main Cryo DPS.
  • Xiangling and Bennett are Pyro supporters to co-operate with Ganyu for melting reaction.
  • Zhongli is the Geo sub-DPS to make the shield for your team.

Pyro elemental resonance of Xiangling and Bennett increases the damage by 15%. This team requires Ganyu to stand inside the area of Bennett's Fantastic Voyage and Xiangling's Pyronado. Therefore, Zhongli's shield is the best choice to protect players in close combat.

Ganyu Dps
It's easy to build strong Cryo teams with Ganyu in the role of the main DPS.

#4. Dancing Eula

Eula is one of the most favorite female characters in Genshin Impact with her beauty and talent, especially her elemental burst Glacial Illumination. The best Cryo team with Eula includes Zhongli, Raiden Shogun, and Rosaria.

  • Eula is the main Cryo DPS;
  • Zhongli makes an unbreakable shield;
  • Rosaria co-operates with Eula for an elemental resonance;
  •  Raiden Shogun is the powerful sub-DPS for Superconduct reaction.
Eula Genshin
A lot of players wish to have Eula for a strong Cryo team.

Those are the top four best Cryo teams to build and invest in Genshin Impact up to now. It's not difficult to get those characters from the origin and rerun banners.

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