Khaenri'ah is the nation of Automatons where large Ruin Machines are produced. It's also known as the nation without God. Besides, this unreleased region has a lot of amazing secrets. Check them out here.

KHAENRI'AH - Nation Without God

Seven nations in Teyvat are managed by seven Gods of seven elements in Genshin Impact. But apart from these seven nations, there is another nation that is located out of Teyvat and God's eyes.

According to Dainsleif, who comes from Khaenri'ah, his country is a nation without Gods. It's now because the God of Khaenri'ah died or left this country. But it's because Khaenri'ah has never had any God from the beginning.

Khaenriah History
Khaenri'ah was the most powerful nation in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Khaenri'ah is a powerful nation built totally by humans that has an unprecedented prosperous civilization. Khaenri'ah is also the big pride of humanity in Teyvat. This region became famous in the cataclysm 500 years ago when the alchemist Rhinedottir created monsters.

In your adventure trip in Teyvat, you have met many Ruin machines. Besides, the two giant remains of Ruin machines in Sumeru attracted a lot of players' attention. They all came from Khaenri'ah. Rhinedottir, who is also called "Gold", created those monsters.

Khaenriah War
This nation was destroyed after a cataclysm 500 years ago.

The huge ambition of this alchemist is one of the main reasons why inhabitants of this nation turn into monsters. She also made Khaenri'ah the most powerful and prosperous dynasty in Genshin world up to now.


Genshin Impact Khaenri'ah became the most developed and powerful nation thanks to two things: Automatons and Art of Khemia.

  • Automatons

The two giant remains of Robots appearing in the teaser of Sumeru are also the Automatons produced in Khaenri'ah. But they are still small in comparison with giant Ruin Machines in that secret nation.

Giant Robots
This nation has a lot of giant robots.

Dangerous machines you have met in Inazuma, Liyue, and Mondstadt are not dangerous robots originating from this nation. The original Field Tillers produced by Khaenri'ah people are insanely deadly.

  • Art of Khemia

Gold, the teacher of Albedo, is the best alchemist in Genshin Impact. Art of Khemia is the most advanced and magical alchemy in this game world developed in Khaenri'ah. It can create life, but it's also one of the main factors contributing to the cataclysm and the fall of this nation.

Gold is the best alchemist.


According to the former Electro archon, Genshin Impact Khaenri'ah is the land that Gods cannot miss. Therefore, the fall of Khaenri'ah is understandable. The over-development of Khaenri'ah threats the balance of Teyvat. It leads to the destruction of the Eclipse Dynasty.

There is another hypothesis that Khaenri'ah wants to overthrow the domination of Gold and attack Celestia. But it's now powerful enough to win this war. Then, Gold and the archons engaged to destroy Khaenri'ah. The former Dendro archon and Electro archon were killed in that war.

Khaenriah Secrets
The fall of Khaenri'ah.

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