The latest teaser of Sumeru in Genshin Impact has revealed two giant Ruin Guard Machines in this nation. Moreover, the developers also went deep into the climate in this new region. Check it out here.

New Region Sumeru
New region Sumeru will have tons of mind-blowing things to explore and enjoy.

Giant Ruin Guard Machines

Apart from pretty cities on the enormous tree and breathtaking ecological zones, Sumeru will have two giant Ruin Machines. You can find and explore the remains of two giant robots, also known as Ruin machines in two regions of Sumeru.

  • The first robot is lying between mountain cliffs deep in the tropical rainforest of Sumeru. It's eroded by a mysterious force and hidden behind these fantastical jungles.
Ruin Machine
You can find the first ruin machine lying deep in the humid tropical rainforest.
  • The second Ruin machine can be found in the desert area. You go west from Sumeru City to find a mysterious upside-down ruin. The second ruin is lying beneath the vast desert. This mysterious location will attract a lot of visitors.
Second Ruin Machine
The second ruin machine lies underground in the desert area.

According to the leaks in the teaser video of Sumeru, these two giant machines may have an unknown connection. They may be involved in a new Genshin Impact quest in Sumeru. Just wait to explore. There are many secrets to discover inside these Ruin Machines.

Two Ruin Machine
These two Ruin machines may be the key elements of an unknown quest in Sumeru.

For example, the hidden chamber inside the green robot in the jungle has some unknown messages like the messages in the underground mine of The Chasm. When you interact with those mysterious messages, some special things may happen.

Sumeru Subregions & Climate

Sumeru is totally different from previous regions in Genshin Impact. It has two large parts with contrasting climates and terrains, including a dry desert and a humid rainforest.

  • The Rainforest area has an impressive terrain of endless mountains. Unlike the rugged and strong terrain in Inazuma and pillars in Liyue, Sumeru's mountains are more gentle and in line with the humid tropical region. Besides, there are lots of giant trees and local plants.
Capital City
The capital city of Sumeru is built on a giant tree.
  • The Desert area has beautiful oases, sand storms, desert plants, eroded rocks, sand, and sacred ruin. The large desert often has lots of mysteries as well as threats. The enemies in the desert region are also very dangerous.

When you enter Sumeru, you will be strongly impressed by a breathtaking city built on a giant tree. It's also the capital city of Sumeru. In addition, Travelers will meet many lovely little spirits in the jungle of Sumeru. Especially, it rains all year round in unknown tropical forests, making an ideal habitat for many local plants and creating a breathtaking ecological biome.

There are a lot of stunning and spectacular views of Sumeru. This nation will come to the game soon but many players can't wait to explore it.

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