The story of Teyvat is long and attractive with lots of events happening around seven nations. There are many secrets about these Genshin Impact nations that you may haven't known.

#1. Mondstadt - Anemo Nation

Mondstadt is the nation of wind and freedom. It's also the first nation to explore in Teyvat when you join in the game. The Anemo archon Barbatos protects and controls Mondstadt, but people in this country rarely see him.

Barbatos rarely appears because he hopes people in his nation can feel true freedom as the core policy of Mondsatdt. This nation is inspired by Germany in real life.

Genshin Impact Mondstadt
Follow the wind and explore Genshin Impact Mondstadt.

#2. Liyue - Geo Nation

In Liyue, contracts and principles are the core values. Therefore, all people and Adepti in Liyue take part in the Rite of Descension once a year to get guidance on the economic path from Morax, the Geo archon.

Liyue is inspired by China in real life. It can be clearly seen in the food culture, music, costumes, and architecture of Liyue.

Liyue Is The Wealthiest Nation
Liyue is the wealthiest nation in Teyvat.

#3. Inazuma - Electro Nation

Inazuma is the nation of Eternity. It's also the most dangerous place you have ever explored in Genshin Impact up to now. The Electro archon Raiden Shogun enacts the Vision Hunt Decree in this nation because she thinks the vision collection brings her nation closer to Eternity.

You can see that Inazuma is similar to Japan in real life. It has many islands, Japanese houses, food, costumes, and music.

The Nation Of Eternity
The nation of eternity is very dangerous.

#4. Sumeru - Dendro Nation

Sumeru is the nation of Wisdom. We are going to explore this new region in the next update of Genshin Impact 3.0. The Dendro archon Kusunali is also coming to Genshin Impact along with many new characters like Collei, Dori, Tighnari, etc.

It's inspired by India in real life. The upcoming Dendro nation also has a lot of beautiful jungles, deserts, cities, and tribes.

Sumeru Image
We're going to visit Sumeru soon. 

#5. Fontaine - Hydro Nation

After exploring Sumeru, Genshin Impact players may have the chance to visit Fontaine - the nation of Hydro element. Many NPCs from Fontaine revealed that Hydro nation is the land of Justice.

Moreover, Fontaine also has many excellent artists and a skillful engineer called Bertrand. The Hydro nation is inspired by France in real life.

Fontaine is as romantic as France.

#6. Natlan - Pyro Nation

Natlan is known as the nation of War which is controlled by the Pyro archon Murata. According to Barbatos, Murata is sometimes pretty annoying. The Pyro nation will be unlocked pretty late in this game. It's possibly similar to Spain or West Africa in real life.

Natlan Is The Country Of Red Hot Passion
Natlan is the country of red-hot passion

#7. Snezhnaya - Cryo Nation

The final nation to explore in Genshin Impact is Snezhnaya controlled by Tsaritsa- Cryo archon. Snezhnaya is also the nation where the headquarter of Fatui is located. The culture of this country is a mixture of Russian and Italian cultures.

Explore New Characters
Snezhnaya is very cold and dangerous.

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