Red Dead of Night is a cool new skin of Diluc in Genshin Impact 2.8. This amazing outfit makes the gentleman from Mondstadt look really mind-blowing. There are some secrets and stories behind this new skin that you may want to know.

Diluc Skin
Explore some secrets in Diluc's new skin 'Red Dead of Night'.

Secrets About Diluc's New Skin

The new skin of Diluc has many relationships with the description in Genshin Impact manga. Check out some special features of Red Dead of Night that you might miss.

#1. No Vision

The first and foremost significance of Diluc's new skin is the vision. Unlike all existing outfits in Genshin Impact, this new costume does not have any vision. Instead, his new coat has some cool and dangerous metal chains on its back and tail.

Diluc New Skin
There is no Vision on the new costume of Diluc that is unique in Genshin Impact.

#2. Dark Red Fire

In the original outfit, Diluc releases a bright and warm red fire with his elemental skill and burst. But in this new outfit, the fire Diluc releases has dark red color. It makes this man look pretty more dangerous and colder than normal.

Therefore, many players predicted that Red Dead of Night could be the costume that the Mondstard Lore wore when he was in Snezhnaya - the nation of Cryo element. Instead of Vision, Diluc used a Delusion that functioned like a Vision but also brought about side effects to users.

His Fire Also Has Dark Red Color
The new skin also turns his fire from bright red to dark red color

#3. Scratch on his Coat

Another secret on Diluc's new skin Red Dead of Night is a scratch on the coat. There is a long scratch on the back of the coat which crosses that badge. It can be the proof that proves Red Dead of Night was Diluc's old costume which he wore when roaming around Snezhnaya and fighting off Fatui monsters.

Cost Of Diluc's Red Dead Of Night

The new skin Red Dead of Night is the first 5-star character's outfit in Genshin Impact. Therefore, it's pretty more expensive than all released purchasable outfits in the Character Outfit Shop.

In specific, the new outfits of Keqing, Jean, Barbara, and Ningguang cost players 1680 Crystal Genesis, whereas Diluc's new skin costs you up to 1980 Crystal Genesis with a discount. After this update, it will cost players 2480 Crystal Genesis.

Diluc New Skin Price
Diluc's new skin has a higher price than all other skins in Genshin Impact now.

The new skin of Fischl is available for Genshin Impact players to get for free during the Summertime Odyssey in GAA now. You only have to collect 16 Phantasmal Conches all around this region to get this premium costume. After this event, this 4-star skin also costs you 1680 Crystal Genesis.

The new skin of Diluc seems to have a lot of interesting secrets. It may reveal some hidden stories about this character. If you have got this man, you can pay for this outfit now before the discount expires.

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