Genshin Impact Sumeru is leaked to be the largest nation in Teyvat. Therefore, the numbers of new specialties and characters are also great. But players are still surprised when they hear that Genshin Impact will introduce up to 18 new characters in this upcoming region.

Dendro Element
Dendro archon will come to the game soon.

18 New Sumeru Characters

Though Genshin Impact Sumeru has not been released, many characters from the nation of Dendro element have been revealed.

Known characters

The game publishers also confirmed some of them as well as gave details about these characters, such as their genders, rates, element, and weapons.

  • Tignari: an adorable 5-star male Dendro character with two animal ears on his head. He uses a bow to fight.
  • Collei: a 4-star female Dendro character who also uses a bow in combat.
  • Dehya: a 4-star Pyro female character whose weapon is still unknown.
  • Al Haitham: a 5-star male Dendro character. His weapon is still a secret.
  • Nilou: a beautiful 5-star female Hydro character who masters the sword.
  • Dori: a 4-star Loli Electro character whose weapon is a claymore.
  • Nahida: a 5-star loli Dendro character who is also known as Kusanali - the Dendro Archon.

An image of all these characters also revealed their appearance. They look cool, adorable, and good-looking. Players also know most of the important information in their profiles.

Genshin Impact Nilou
Seven new characters in Sumeru.

Additionally, some leakers also mentioned some new characters with basic information. However, the arrival and stories of those characters still remain open.

Secret Characters

Some of them appeared in the story of the game, such as Scaramouche and Baizhu. But some others are still unknown. Their appearances are still secret and only their name are leaked.

  • Layla: a female Cryo character who uses a sword to fight like Ayaka.
  • Faruzan: a female Anemo character who masters the bow.
  • Leo/Candance: a 4-star Hydro character who uses the polearm.
  • Nafs/Narfs: an unknown female character with no information now.
  • Scaramouche/Wanderer: a Fatui Harbinger but other details are unknown.
  • Cyno: a 5-star male character whose element remains unknown.
  • Baizhu: a Dendro male character who owns a Pharmacy in Liyue.
  • Djajeet: an unknown male character with no leaked.
  • Soutine: an unknown female character.

There are two other characters whose names are not leaked. If the leak is reliable, Sumeru national team will bring you lots of desireable character. They will arrive in succession from Update 3.0.

Playable Scaramouche Genshin Impact
Scaramouche will be a playable character in the future.

If Scaramouche really comes to Genshin Impact, he will be the second Fatui Harbinger to enter the list of playable characters in this game. But unlike Childe, he is not very friendly. He is known as an antagonist in the game’s story.

Genshin Impact players also wish La Signora - another Fatui Harbinger will be come a playable character. But a recent picture of all Fatui Harbingers aurrounding her coffin may imply that this beautiful Harbinger won’t become a playable character because Raiden Shogun had killed her.

Fatui Harbingers
Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers attended La Signora’s funeral who was killed by Raiden Shogun.

After death, La Signora was reborn as a Crimson Witch of Flames.

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