The Dendro element is finally explained in the latest Preview Teaser of Sumeru. Dendro will have up to nine elemental reactions. The upcoming update of Sumeru is expected to be a big boom for Genshin Impact 2022.

Nine Dendro Reactions

The developer team invested a lot in designing the Dendro element. Catalyst, wisdom, and life are the three keywords in the design of this element. You can obviously see these concepts in the environmental mechanics, level design, and elemental reactions of Dendro. There are seven common reactions of the Dendro element:

  • Burning: Pyro + Dendro;
  • Intensify: Dendro + Electro;
  • Overgrow: Dendro + Hydro;
  • Quicken: Dendro + Pyro + Unknown element;
  • Hyperbloom: Dendro + Electro + Unknown element;
  • Spread: Dendro + Hydro + Unknown element;
  • Burgeon: Dendro + Pyro + Unknown element.

Besides, this new element also connects and reacts with other elements strongly. In the upcoming update 3.0, they will introduce two new elemental reactions which are totally new, including:

  • Bloom: inspired by flower blooming - a natural phenomenon in the real life. When the Dendro element's catalyst concept and the Hydro element's recovery aspect combine, it causes the Bloom reaction.
  • Catalyze: when the Electro element's energy aspect and the Dendro element's wisdom concept collide, it causes the Catalyze reaction.
Different Elemental Reactions
There are two new elemental reactions in Update 3.0.

These Dendro elemental reactions have a great connection with Sumeru's local history. There is a lot of other interesting area-specific gameplay in Sumeru. Therefore, there will be seven Dendro elemental reactions in total.

Dendro Element
Learn more about the Dendro element and its reactions.

Polymorphic Transformation

The developer team also adds a new feature of Polymorphic Transformation to the game. In specific, players can achieve transitions between different states by applying Electro, Hydro, and Pyro elements to the targets with Dendro characteristics, such as big green Mushrooms.

For example, when you throw fireballs of Klee or Yanfei to a mushroom, it will get withered. But if you use Lisa's Violet Arc to interact with that mushroom, it will become a natural booster to launch their character into the air.

Dendro Monsters
Dendro monsters in Sumeru will bring new rare drops.

This mechanism is also applied to the ecology of new monsters in Sumeru. For example, the Dendro monsters will switch their location back to forth. You need to defeat them in their specific states to get rare materials for character and weapon's ascension.

First Look Of Sumeru

Hoyoverse has released the first preview teaser video of Sumeru on the YouTube channel of this game. The teaser video revealed the first look of Dendro,  the last element in this game. The developer team wants to design it in a systematic way.

This upcoming nation of flora and foliage is in the West of Liyue. It has lots of jungles with magical plants. For example, the Traveler in the teaser uses some giant mushrooms, leaves, and flowers as boosters to jump and reach higher places quickly. Besides, there are many plant enemies in the wild with necessary drops.

Use Special Plants To Boost
Use special plants in the wild to boost.

Further details about Sumeru and Dendro's gameplay will be revealed in later teasers of this upcoming nation. Many images of this nation have been leaked every day in the Beta test of Sumeru.

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