Dendroculus and many Sumeru regional specialties have been leaked before the arrival of Sumeru. There are some flowers and fruits that players may need for character ascension or cooking in the future.

#1. Genshin Impact Dendroculus

Dendroculus is a necessary item that players need to collect to upgrade the Statue of Seven in Sumeru. The design of Dendroculus has been leaked. This oculus is a green glowing orb with the Dendro covered by two leaves.

Statue Of Seven
Statue Of Seven in Sumeru.

These green oculi will be scattered all around the upcoming nation. It can spawn in open ground, float in the sky, or lie in hidden corners, caves, or behind rocks. When you collect enough Dendroculus to upgrade the Dendro Statue of Seven, you will receive many rewards, such as:

  • 10Primogems;
  • 1 Shrine of Depth Key or a rare item for an important quest;
  • 80-400 Adventure EXP;
  • 5-15 Dendro Sigils.

The required number of Dendroculi for each level is not the same. Each Statue of Seven has 10 levels to unlock. The amount of oculi players can find in each nation is not the same. For example, there are 65 Anemoculi, 130 Geoculi, and 180 Electroculi. The number of Dendroculi can be higher because Sumeru is leaked to be the largest nation in Genshin Impact.

Dendroculus design

#2. Sumeru Regional Specialities

There are some leaks about regional specialties in Sumeru, including flowers and fruits. Sumeru is the nation of Dendro element which is also the element of plants. Therefore, this new region will have lots of new plants. For example, you will find many new flowers, such as:

  • Sumeru Rose: pure purple flower with pleasant fragrance;
  • Padisarah: a holy and noble flower that can be used to make spices;
  • Viboya: a special flower that only blooms when the Earth remembers;
  • Kalpalata: the beautiful flower growing on cliff sides but looking like a lotus;
  • Lunar Lotus: a special flower of forest wetlands that only blooms at night like the Moon.

While Liyue does not have any local fruit and Inazuma only has Lavender Melon, Dendro may have up to two new local fruits:

  • Zaytun Peach: grows in jungle shrub and has sweet and firm flesh to calm your mind;
  • Harra Fruit: follow its unique spicy aroma in humid rainforests to find this ingredient of Sumeru's spices.
Sumeru Specialties
Sumeru Specialties

In addition, Rukkhashava Mushroom is a new local floral species in this new region. Like the local fungus in Mondstadt, this new mushroom also grows on trees deep in the jungles of this region.

All these new plants will have vibrant colors. You may need them to cook new special dishes in Sumeru or use them as important ascension materials for Sumeru characters.

#3. Sumeru Icon

Apart from the designs of Dendroculus and some local specialties, the icon of Sumeru is also leaked. As Sumeru may be a tropical nation according to the teaser video, its icon is the image of a big tree inside a lozenge with the symbol of the Dendro element in the root of the tree.

Sumeru Icon

But these features can be changed in the official release of Genshin Impact 3.0. Just wait until Sumeru is officially released in late August or early September.

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