Genshin Impact Sumeru will be a tropical nation with lush forests, immense grasslands, and millions of floral species. The latest teaser of this region makes fans and players excited. It could be the largest nation in Teyvat.

Statue Of Seven
Check out all images of Sumeru before it's officially released.

Sumeru's Tropical Looks

The first trailer of the new nation Sumeru has been leaked. Many stunning images of this nation revealed that this Dendro nation would have a tropical theme. It will bring the air of India to Teyvat in Genshin Impact Update 3.0 in August. It's obviously seen through images and music in the trailer.

Sumeru is inspired by India - a tropical country in South Asia.

According to the latest leak about Sumeru, this Dendro nation could be the largest region in Genshin Impact. It could be even bigger than Liyue - the current biggest nation in Teyvat now with a newly added sub-region named The Chasm.

Sumeru View
It has lots of beautiful tropical rainforests with giant trees and flowers.

As leaked, Sumeru will be an addition in the Northeastern corner of Teyvat. But this rumor is not confirmed by MiHoYo. Teyvat still has many locked nations, such as Snezhnaya of Cryo archon, Natlan of Pyro element, and Fontaine leaded by Hydro archon.

In Sumeru
This Dendro nation has a green theme of jungles and green glass fields.

The size of Sumeru is still unknown but obviously, Sumeru inspired by India will be a lush tropical country. Green is the main color in the trailer of this region. It's understandable because Sumeru is the nation of Dendro element, so trees and flowers here are protected and stimulated by the God of plant.

You can see many pretty screens of jungles and tribal architecture.

Leaked Description Of Sumeru

According to Paimon's voice in the leaked teaser, Sumeru will be a pretty place with lots of activities to do. It has long beautiful sandy beaches and cool sparkling water glowing under the sunlight. Indian-style structures, such as temples, markets, and tribal villages are also great attractions.

It also has beautiful Indian-style temples and structures all around the country.

Moreover, this Dendro nation also has deserts interleaving with jungle rings, making a perfect view for this region. Besides, a lot of villages and tribes with pretty floral species can be the location of many world quests in this nation.

A lot of strange and giant plants grow in Sumeru, including big flowers inside glasshouses.

Paimon and the Traveler will have an exciting exploration trip in Sumeru this August. They will explore many places and discover interesting things in Sumeru soon through trips, quest chains, and events.

A lot of players are impressed by the stunning views of Sumeru in the trailer.

Just get ready for this journey by completing all current world quests and archon quests in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma now. Like previous nations except for Mondstadt, players need to meet some requirements, such as Adventure Rank and complete quests to unlock new regions in Genshin Impact.

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