There is no playable Dendro character launched up to now. They may come to the game officially as playable characters when Sumeru is released. But Genshin Impact's gameplay revealed some Dendro reactions. Check them out below.

Genshin Impact Dendro Reactions

Six out of seven elements in Genshin Impact are available to use now. But Dendro is still a mysterious element up to now because Genshin Impact has not launched any playable character with this element yet.

Only Dendro Samachurls and Dendro Slimes can use this element to attack now. Though players cannot use this element, their characters can still make some Dendro elemental reactions when Hilichurls are infected by AoE attacks of Dendro Samachurls.

Dendro Reactions
There are three elemental reactions of Dendro.

Here are some Dendro elemental reactions that have been leaked in Genshin Impact.

#1. Burning

Burning is the first elemental reaction of Dendro that Genshin Impact players have seen. When Pyro and Dendro react, it creates burning damage to enemies in the area of effect. Anemo characters can spread the burning area with their elemental skills and bursts.

Dendro Reaction Burning
Burning is the first Dendro reaction.

#2. Intensified

Intensified is a new Dendro character that Genshin Impact players showed through the gameplay. When Electro and Dendro react, it causes Intensified elemental reaction. This reaction drops an Electro particle on the battlefield to continuously reacts with Dendro sprouts.

This reaction boosts the Electro and Dendro elemental damage to the targeted enemy for 7 seconds. You can test it when encountering a group of Hilichurls and Dendro Samachurls. Stand near the Hilichurl to make them infected with Dendro element from Samachurls' AoE attacks.

Two New Dendro Reactions
Dendro also reacts with Electro and Hydro elements.

#3. Overgrown

Overgrown is also a new elemental reaction of Dendro. When a Hydro character attacks the target infected with Dendro element by using Hydro elemental skill or burst, it causes Overgrown damage.

When you use the Dendro attack, your character drops mushroom seeds that grow into mushrooms. Then, these mushrooms explode when your Hydro character waters them with elemental skills and bursts, causing AOE Dendro damage.

Overgrown Reaction
Overgrown reaction boosts Dendro elemental damage.

However, this elemental reactions deal Dendro DMG to both enemies and allies. Therefore, it's very dangerous to use on the battlefield. But this can be fixed when playable Dendro characters come to the game.

Dendro element does not react with Cryo, Anemo, and Geo element. Just wait to see more Dendro skills, bursts, and gameplay in a future update when Baizhu, Yao Yao, and other playable characters officially arrive.

Who Are Dendro Characters

There are many characters with Dendro Visions in Genshin Impact now. However, they are still NPCs now. These Dendro characters will be released when Sumeru is launched.

  • Baizhu: He is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy in the North of Liyue Harbor. He is also the guardian of Qiqi. You can meet him in Guizhong.
  • Yao Yao: This little girl hasn't appeared in the game but many characters have mentioned her in their stories.
Genshin Impact Dendro Characters
Baizhu and Yao Yao are two Dendro NPCs who can become playable characters soon.

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