Many Genshin Impact characters are going to celebrate their birthday this May. Let's see what their dates of birth are here. Genshin Impact players also receive many gifts on their birthdays, including their signature dishes.

#1. Gorou On May 18th

Gorou is the first Genshin Impact character to celebrate his birthday in May. His date of birth falls on May 18th. This cute character has a fluffy tail and a pair of ears on his head which makes him an instant favorite character. A lot of players fell in love with this character because of his lovely appearance.

Gorou Genshin Impact
Gorou has a super cute look with the tail and ears of Shiba.

The color of his fur looks like the Shiba Inu's. Moreover, Gorou's big blue eyes make him look very adorable. He is also the first Geo archer in this game. Victorious Legend is his special dish which is a variation of Tonkotsu Ramen - the delicacy of Inazuma.

#2. Yun Jin On May 21st

A few days after Gorou's birthday, Genshin Impact will celebrate Yun Jin's birthday on May 21st. She is an opera singer in Liyue and a Geo polearm user. But unlike Gorou, Yun Jin is a real human. Yunjin has a beautiful appearance and voice that attracts lots of fans.

Yun Jin Genshin
Yun Jin is a famous Opera singer in Liyue with a beautiful voice and impressive dress.

Her special dish is Cloud-Shrouded Jade, a variation of the dish Lotus Seed and Birds Egg Soup in her country. White and pink sticky globs in the bowl of Cloud-Shrouded Jade look like decorative balls on her head. She is also one of the most well-dressed characters with a set of traditional costumes of her art.

#3. Fischl On May 27th

Fischl's birthday is on May 27th, a few days after Yun Jin's birthday. She is one of the best Electro archers in Genshin Impact, especially her elemental burst. Besides, her appealing and mysterious appearance makes Fischl a favorite character. Moreover, Fischl is also a very special character who can summon an Oz from her element.

Fischl Genshin Impact
Fischl is one of the most beautiful and appealing mages with excellent bow skills.

'Die Heilige Sinfonie' is the signature dish of this Mondstadt mage, which means 'The Holy Symphony'. It's a variation of the Cold Cut Platter local dish in Mondstadt. Fans of Fischl is expecting a new outfit for this girl in the future.

Bonus: How To Celebrate Their Birthday?

The game publishers often notice and congratulate characters on their birthday. You can see the Happy Birthday posts on the official social media pages of the game, such as Facebook. Besides, many players often draw Happy Birthday pictures for their favorite characters and share them on the community pages, such as Hoyolab.

Happy Birthday Jean
Players often draw beautiful pictures of their favorite characters on their birthdays.

Genshin Impact also sends players a portion of their special dishes during their birthday celebrations. You can claim these rewards when logging in to the game on their birthdays.

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