Shriveled Seed Genshin is a new quest item in treasure chests in the Chasm. This withered seed still has an amazing life inside it. Check out how to get and use it here.

How To Get Shriveled Seed Genshin

Genshin Impact players can only find Shriveled Seed in the Chasm's Underground Mine. You need to find and open a Treasure Chest in the Main Mining Area. From the teleport waypoint in the Main Mining Area, you glide down and drop into the large hole on the floor.

You can see a stone wall with some Geo Barrels. Attack these barrels or shoot them to make these barrels explode and break the wall. Then, go into the tunnel and use the Elemental Sight to find and pick up all the shiny buds.

Get Shriveled Seed Genshin
Get Shriveled Seed from the chest.

After getting into the cave at the end of the tunnel, activate the Geo, Electro, and Anemo monuments with elemental skills to reveal the treasure chest.

Shiny Bud Locations

There are three locations of shiny buds in the cave. These items will shine when you use the elemental sight to seek them.

  • Next to the Geo Monument;
  • On a tree brand near the Electro Monument;
  • On a higher tree brand above your character.
Get To The Secret Cave
Get to the secret cave and activate monuments.

Tips to open the cave

When you make the Geo barrels next to the wall explode, you should use bow users to shoot these barrels. Don't use characters who use close-range weapons like swords, claymores, and polearms, the explosion can cause damage to your character.

Shriveled Seed Achievement

Shriveled Seed does not have practical uses in crafting or cooking. But you can obtain the new achievement of 'People of the Valley of Life' in the Chasm. It's also a hint to the upcoming Dendro nation - Sumeru.

Therefore, it can be an important element to unlock Sumeru. That's why you need to find and get the Shriveled Seed in the Chasm' Underground Mine.

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