The Chasm in Genshin Impact has tons of mysterious things to explore and many secret achievements, including Nine-Word Rumor. Here are all nine secret message locations for this achievement you should visit.

#1. Stony Halls (3 messages)

There is a message on the lower ground in Stony Halls. From the teleport waypoint in this area, you glide down and head Southeast. Then, find the first message on the wall where you can see a Hilichurl.

Then, you can find two other secret messages in the south of Stony Halls. These two messages are pretty close to each other, so you can find both of them quickly. From the southern waypoint in this area, you head Southwest.

Easy Message
Read the easy message after defeating the Hilichurl.

When you reach the ruins of the building, climb up to find the first message. Then, jump down to see the next message for the Nine-Word Rumor achieve

#2. Nameless Ruins (1 message)

Use the up-side-down teleport waypoint in the nameless ruins and glide down to the lower ground. Then, head north to find the Ruin Grader and the secret message nearby. You can observe the secret message without taking down the enemy.

Observe The Message
Observe the message after defeating the boss.

#3. Underground Waterways (2 messages)

There is another secret message in the southwest of the underground waterways. From the teleport waypoint, you cross a broken bridge and head southwest until you find the ruined building. The message is on the outside wall of the building.

Then, walk to the south until you reach broken stairs leading to the bottom. Look at your right side to see the message for the Nine-Word Rumor achievement on the wall.

Underground Waterways
Climb the wall to observe.

#4. Blue Pillar (2 messages)

You can find two other secret message locations in the east and south of the Blue Pillar. Use the teleport waypoints in these locations to travel faster.

  • The message in the east is the easiest message to find. From the eastern teleport waypoint, you head southeast and keep an eye on the wall on your right.
  • From the southern teleport waypoint, you glide toward the southwest to reach a platform covered in corrupted purple-ish mud. Look around to find the message on the edge of that platform.
Meaage Inside The Ruins
Find the meaage inside the ruins.

#5. Main Mining Area (1 message)

The last secret message location is in the main mining area. From the teleport waypoint in the north, you continue to head north until you reach a bridge in a narrow passage. Use the Lumenstone Adjuvant to dispel the purple wall blocking the road beyond the bridge.

Go Through This Wall
Go through this wall.

Then, look at the wall on the other side to find the message. Two Abyss mages will be summoned when you look at it. But you need to upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget to level 6 before going to find the final message. Otherwise, you cannot go through the purple wall.

Find all nine secret messages in those locations to obtain the Nine-Word Rumor achievement. This achievement rewards players 5 Primogems.

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