The Lost Valley Genshin Impact is the newest domain that is turning heads. Not only does it offer new sets of artifacts but it is also harder to find compared to its predecessors.

You usually follow the way to the domain icons on the map and head there to unlock them. In the case of The Lost Valley, players would have to do much more than that to enter this area.

To find out where this domain locates and how you can unlock it, follow this detailed guide below.

I - The Lost Valley Genshin Impact Location

Genshin Impact Lost Valley domain is located in Liyue’s lower-left corner, at the surface of The Chasm. However, there are a few things you need to pay attention to before setting off to this location.

1. Equip a Geo character in your team

First, remember to add a Geo character who is able to create a construct. You will need Zhongli, Ningguang, or Geo Traveler and their Elemental Skill to solve the Geo puzzle.

Note: You can teleport to the Statue of Seven in Liyue in order to swap elements for the Traveler.

2. Head to The Lost Valley Genshin

After having an eligible Geo unit, go towards the blue arrow. For those who wonder “How do you get to the Lost Valley Genshin?”, the way to this domain is not directly reaching the square icon as usual.

how do you get to the Lost Valley Genshin
Start from the blue arrow and travel till you see the stone tablet.

Instead, you should begin farther away because the path is mostly hidden under the rocks, behind a stone door with a symbol of the Geo element.

As you get to the area, Paimon will converse with you about a massive Geo rock that exudes golden energy. The Chasm consists of many Geo puzzles which require breaking Geo energy constructs and hitting rocks with swords to have them resonate with one another.

3. Defeat the Hilichurls

The entrance to the Lost Valley domain features an orange icon. This region also has two Hilichurls dancing around a chest. Beat them up to get the treasure and get rid of the chest. You will then see the platform being exposed.

Defeat The Enemies In Front Of The Domain Min
Defeat the Hilichurls, get the rewards, and then you shall see the entrance.

If you have accidentally cleared this zone, you shall see the two torches as a landmark.

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II - How To Unlock The Lost Valley Domain Genshin Impact

After finding the way to the domain, you will find a platform lighting up only if you stand on it. It has to maintain being lit in order to resonate with the Geo rock as mentioned by Paimon.

This is when Geo constructs come to help. Here are the steps you should follow to activate the domain:

  • Defeat the opponents near the Domain entrance.
  • Afterward, you will see a pressure platform.
How To Unlock The Lost Valley Domain Min
Use Geo character to activate the rings.
  • Create a Geo structure using a Geo character (Zhongli, The Traveler) on the platform.
  • Ride the appearing wind rings.
Ride The Rings To Lost Valley Domain Min
Make sure to pass through these aviated rings quickly.
  • Smack the Geo Resonance Crystal, and wait a bit.

This is when the Geo shockwaves would shatter the stones around the domain entrance and reveal it.

Unlock The Entrance To Lost Valley Min
Players will see this symbol before they can unlock the Lost Valley domain.

Collectively, above are all the steps you need to do in order to unlock The Lost Valley domain in Genshin Impact.

III - The Lost Valley Genshin Impact Rewards

In this domain, there are two new Lost Valley domain artifacts: Echoes of an Offering and Vermillion Hereafter.

The set of Echoes of an Offering can be seen a lot for characters who rely on normal attacks, such as Yanfei and Yun Jin. The new character Kamisato Ayato also needs this artifact to function most viably.

Ayato Artifact
One of the Lost Valley artifacts set is dedicated to Ayato.

Meanwhile, Vermilion Hereafter’s use is broader. As it can boost the attack of its user after they launch an Elemental Burst. This artifact set is good for characters like Hu Tao and Raiden Shogun.

IV - Tips To Defeat Lost Valley Domain

The Lost Valley has a load of Ruin Graders and Ruin Enemies. Therefore, you should equip a good healer and at last a character in charge of ranged attacks (Ganyu, Fischl…).

In particular, the Ruin Graders can decimate your roster if you are not careful enough. As they are prone to Elemental Reactions like Superconduct and Freeze, you should utilize those to lower the enemy’s defense and stop the coldness.

Ruin Grader
These Ruin Graders are quite fatal, so make sure you have a great team.

If you have been able to collect Ayato, this domain means you have doubled your luck. The artifacts inside this domain can buff him a lot on the field.

On the other hand, don’t forget to grind on other materials for Ayato if you want to get the best of him in the game.

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