The Missing Miner Genshin is a new world quest in the Chasm. This easy quest has only a few objectives but it gives players lots of valuable rewards and interesting experiences. Check out how to unlock and complete this quest here.

Accompany Uncle He Back To The Camp
Accompany Uncle He back to the camp

I. The Missing Miner Genshin Location

Genshin Impact players need to unlock The Chasm: Underground Mine area to unlock and do this quest. During this quest, Travelers need to explore the secret cave in the underground mine and take the mission miner - Uncle He back to the camp safely.

This world quest will be unlocked after you complete The Heavenly Stone's Debris world quest of The Chasm Delvers quest chain. From the Underground Waterway teleport waypoint, you head left to find a large hollow tree.

The Missing Miner Genshin Location
Follow this route to the secret tree log and get the Work Handbook to start the quest.

Then, find a Work Handbook in the tree log and read it to start the quest. Tap or click on the quest objectives to navigate the location of the mission.

II. The Missing Miner Genshin Quest Guide

After unlocking the quest, Travelers need to collect 'mushroom meat' which is actually Starshrooms - a local specialty in the Underground Mine sub-area. The mushroom meat areas will be marked on the mini-map.

Take The Book
Take the book in the secret tree log and activate the quest.

You also encounter many Floating Fungi around these Starshrooms. Defeat these flying monsters to pick up mushroom meat. You need to have a character with crowd control ability in your team to defeat them faster and more easily.

After collecting enough mushroom meat, take Uncle He to the camp and report the quest to Jinwu. This missing miner won't leave without mushroom meats. That's why you have to collect them before bringing him back. Then, the rewards for the mission will be sent to you immediately.

Accompany Uncle He Back
Collect mushroom meat in the marked location.

Best Characters To Defeat Floating Fungi

Floating Hydro Fungi are local species in The Chasm's Underground Mines. They often appear in mobs and float in the air, above your head. Therefore, you need to gather them and use a powerful burst to defeat these monsters.

Here are some characters with great crowd control ability to gather Floating Hydro Fungi.

  • Venti: His elemental bursts cause a powerful wind swirl to gather a large number of monsters and cause swirl damage to them. This Anemo character was available to pull in the previous Character Banner in the first half of Genshin Impact 2.6.
Venti Burst
Venti's elemental burst has a great CC effect.
  • Kamisato Ayato: Her elemental burst is also useful to wipe out these floating monsters. As these monsters always bring the Hydro element, Ayaka's snowflake storm can freeze them in the air and cause Cryo damage to defeat them. She is available to pull now.
  • Sucrose: This 4-star character is easier to obtain. If you don't have Ayato and Venti, bring Sucrose with your team in this quest to gather these floating monsters with her elemental skills and bursts.
  • Jean's burst - Dandelion Breeze also has a CC effect. She can capture these enemies inside an Anemo storm to cause damage. Her elemental skills can pull enemies away and drain their HP.
Jean Burst
Jean's burst can create a storm to capture all floating fungi.
  • Kaedehara Kazuha's elemental bursts also create a big storm to capture and defeat floating monsters. His Anemo burst can also spread out the elemental effects of other elements to deal higher damage to these floating opponents.
  • Anemo Travelers can also create a powerful wind swirl with their elemental burst to gather Floating Hydro Fungi. Besides, you can blow these monsters and freeze them when combining Traveler's burst with Ayaka's burst.

Besides, you need a character who can create a solid shield to keep your character safe from Hydro bombs from Floating Fungi. Zhongli and Noelle are the best choices for this role.

Floating Fungi
Create a shield to stay protected from these floating fungi.

III. Valuable Quest Rewards

After bringing Uncle He to the camp safely with mushroom meat, you will complete the Missing Miner Genshin quest. Here are all rewards for your job.

  • Adventure EXP x 250;
  • Primogem x 30;
  • Mora x 30,000;
  • Hero's Wit x 3.

These rewards will be sent to your account directly. After completing this quest, players can unlock the next job in the quest chain of The Chasm Delvers. Moreover, you can get some Fungal Spores, Crystalline Cyst Dust, and Luminescent Pollen after defeating Floating Fungi.

Those are all steps and rewards of the Missing Miner Genshin quest. Just unlock it and explore secret corners in the Underground Mines of the Chasm in this quest.

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