The Chasm Genshin Impact is highly anticipated, especially after the Special Program of Update 2.6. A lot of amazing details about this new region were revealed, such as new features, puzzle mechanisms, archon quests, and more. Check them out here.

#1. Cranes and Spoutrocks

There are many cranes built by miners in the Chasm for their mining and delivery works. That's why you can find many cranes to move up quickly in this region when exploring the Chasm.

Besides, Travelers can find Spoutrocks stones scattered all around the area to jump higher. Genshin Impact players can use these tools to reach higher places faster instead of consuming stamina for climbing high cliffs.

The miners left many cranes in the Chasm when they left this region.

#2. Bedrock Key

Another new feature in the Chasm is the bedrock key. It's also the key to opening the Chasm and exploring it. After dispelling these keys, Travelers can enter and explore Underground Mines in the Chasm.

These magical arrays are set around this region by the Liyue Qixing to lock the precious mines. Find the way to this area to pick up many essential materials, unlock and complete quests in the Chasm, and solve puzzles to get loot chests.

The Chasm Genshin
Dispell bedrock keys to unlock the Chasm and explore deeper.

#3. Cage-Shaped Geo Formations

Travelers can find Cage-Shaped Geo Formations around the location of Bedrock Keys. It's because these two mechanisms have binding functions.

You need to get Geogranum and hit the Cage-Shaped Geo Formation to fire off a Crystal Projectile to the Bedrock Key. Then, the Crystal Projectile will affect the Bedrock Key and dispel or break it. Genshin Impact players can find many Geogranum ores around this mechanism.

The Chasm Exploration
Hit Cage-Shaped Geo Formations to damage the bedrock key.

#4. Unique Rock Pillars

There are many Unique Rock Pillars all around the Chasm in Genshin Impact. When you hit a pillar with explosions or blunt force trauma, it causes a resonant quake. Then, other rock pillars and Geo constructions are also affected to create waves of quakes.

This is also a new type of puzzle in Genshin Impact that is exclusive in the Chasm. You need to cause enough resonances to the surrounding unique rocks according to the symbols on the rocks to solve the puzzle. So, you need to count the number of Geo symbols on these rocks before hitting the rock pillar.

Unique Rock Pillars
Unique Rock Pillars Genshin Impact.

#5. Glowing Pyramid Puzzles

Plate pressure is a familiar puzzle mechanism in Genshin Impact. When players stand or trigger the plate with a Geo structure of Zhongli or Geo Travelers, they can start a time challenge or solve a puzzle to get the treasure chests.

There are many Plate Pressure puzzles in the Chasm that looks pretty unique. When you press the plate mechanism, a Glowing Pyramid will appear. You need to follow the traces to solve the Glowing Pyramid puzzles and get Treasure Chests.

These new features will be available in the Chasm on the release date of Genshin Impact 2.6. This version will be released on March 30th, 2022. Just wait to join and explore this new region.

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