Many Genshin Impact players have completed all event challenges, missions, and quests in the current updates. While waiting for the new update, event, and banners, you still have many other things to do. Here are the top Genshin Impact activities to make the wait time more interesting.

#1. Daily Commissions

Daily commissions are refreshed every morning. While waiting for new quests and events, you can complete daily commissions and collect 60 Primogems per day and a lot of Adventure EXP. There are four random commissions per day with a lot of fun things to do and rewards to claim.

Genshin Impact Commissions List
Complete all daily commissions to get bonus rewards.

#2. Spiral Abyss

If you haven't completed Spiral Abyss, you can go to this domain and complete all chambers and floors. To claim all rewards from Spiral Abyss, Genshin Impact players need to satisfy the requirements for 3-star rates. If you haven't got all 3-star rated chambers, try to do it and get 100 Primogems for each 3-star chamber.

#3. Ley Line Outcrops

Ley Line challenge is another activity to do during wait time for new updates and time-limited events. There are two types of Ley Line Outcrops in this game, including Blossom of Revelation and Blossom of Wealth. The Outcrop rewards depend on the world level.

  • Blossom of Revelation is the source of Character Level-Up Materials.
  • Blossom of Wealth is a huge source of Mora.

After defeating all enemies, you need to use Original Resin or Condensed Resin to claim rewards. But you can get more rewards by using Condensed Resin. You can craft Condensed Resin from 40 Original Resin items, a Crystal Core, and 100 Mora.

Harvest Rewards From Ley Line Outcrops
Harvest rewards from Ley Line Outcrops.

#4. Combat Normal/Weekly Bosses

There are many weekly bosses in Genshin Impact for players to farm materials. You need these materials to level up your characters, including gemstones for ascension and Talent Level-up materials. High-level bosses will drop high-level materials.

Moreover, you will get tons of Adventure EXP, Mora,  Companionship EXP, Character Ascension Materials, Artifacts, and Northlander weapon Billets after defeating Weekly Bosses in this game.

In addition, you need to defeat normal bosses to collect essential ascension materials and decent artifacts. Understanding the attack patterns of these bosses helps you defeat them faster. Before new dangerous bosses come, try to make your characters stronger.

Defeat Weekly And Normal Bosses
Defeat weekly and normal bosses to get materials.

#5. Domains

You can also go to unlock all domains in Teyvat during the wait time in Genshin Impact. Each unlocked domain, then, can be used as a Teleport waypoint to travel faster when doing quests. Moreover, those domains grant players tons of materials and artifacts.

#6. Hidden Quests/Hangouts/Bounties

There are many hidden word quests and hangout missions that you may miss. When going on an exploration trip, try to unlock all hidden quests and complete them. You will get Reputation EXP when completing Bounties in all nations to level up the Reputation rank and get attractive rewards, such as wing skins, name cards, etc.

Complete Hangout Events
Complete hangout events of all characters.

#7. Puzzles & Chests

Solving puzzles and looting chests are also the most interesting Genshin Impact activities to do during the wait time. Sometimes, you are too busy with archon quests, story quests, and event missions to solve hidden puzzles. Just mark them on the minimap to return and solve them later.

Teyvat and underground lands in Genshin Impact still have many mysterious things to explore while waiting for new events and updates.

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