Genshin Impact players often prefer aggressive characters with aggressive skills and high base damage. Some characters receive less love from players. Here are the top underutilized characters in Genshin Impact 2022.

#1. Underrated Pyro Characters

Pyro is an aggressive element and Pyro characters often take the main DPS role. However, some Pyro characters are still underrated, including 5-star characters. These characters are less used in both exploration and combat. Let's see who they are:

  • Xinyan

Xinyan is one of the least used and preferred characters in Genshin Impact because she does not fit any role perfectly. It's pretty hard to choose a proper role for this 4-star character. She is not strong enough to play the main DPS and sub DPS roles.

Xinyan does not have a healing effect, so she cannot play the healer role. She can create a shield but it's not as solid as Zhongli's shield.

  • Diluc

Diluc is a 5-star character but he is still less used than other DPS. He is one of the earliest characters in this game. But his attacks and skills haven't been buffed throughout many updates. Therefore, many new characters have surpassed Diluc to take the main DPS role.

  • Yanfei

Yanfei also gets less love from Genshin Impact players than many other Pyro characters. Her attack, skill, and burst are suitable for the main DPS position but her base damage is not ideal for this role. So, she does not get much love from players.

  • Amber

Amber is also underrated in Genshin Impact because both her elemental and physical damage are not ideal. She is only useful in the exploration when you need to light up torches and monuments to solve puzzles, activate machines, or open doors.

#2. Less Prefered Cryo Characters

Many Cryo characters also get less interest due to their utility, power, or role.

  • Qiqi

Most Genshin Impact players don't want to get Qiqi when they pull standard or character event wish banners. She is a healer but this 5-star character is the most underappreciated and underutilized healer in this game.

  • Kaeya

Kaeya is a free Cryo character but he is only used by beginners when they haven't got any 5-star character. He is less and less utilized when a lot of powerful and versatile Cryo characters are released, such as Ayaka, Eula, Shenhe, Chongyun, etc.

  • Aloy

Aloy is a free 5-star character you could obtain from a collaboration event of Genshin Impact in the past. But this bow user is not highly welcomed. She was almost forgotten in this game. Not many characters use Aloy in their teams.

#3. Underutilized Electro Characters

Electro is also an aggressive element but many Electro characters can't keep up with the new meta of the game. So, they are more underutilized now.

  • Razor

Razor was one of the most preferred characters in Genshin Impact when he was first introduced. But when a more powerful Electro DPS character, Raiden Shogun, came to the game, this 4-star character is less used.


  • Liza

Lisa can only play the supporter role in your team because her Physical DMG is not ideal for the DPS role. But she is not suitable for the current meta of the game when more big bosses with strong shields and elemental resistance dominate Teyvat. She is not good enough now.

  • Keqing

Keqing is also an underrated 5-star character, especially after the release of Raiden Shogun. Fewer players are using Keqing as their main DPS. She may need a DMG buff in later updates to come back to the first tier.

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