Keqing is one of three characters on the permanent banners with Mona and Qiqi. Her best role is Electro DPS. Let's go to find the best weapon for Keqing in Genshin Impact 2022 as well as the ATK combo for her DPS role here.

I. Genshin Keqing Best Weapon

You have a high chance to get Keqing from the permanent character banner by using Acquaint Fates. Then, select the best sword for this 5-star Electro character to make her a powerful and dangerous DPS. Here are some highly recommended swords for Keqing after Update 2.4.

Keqing sword
Find the best weapon to make Keqing a better DPS.

#1. Physical DPS

The best weapon for Keqing's physical DPS build must have high base damage and physical ATK bonuses. Here are some highly recommended swords for her physical damage buff.

Swords Weapon Stats How to obtain
Aquila Favonia
  • Base ATK: 48 - 674
  • Physical ATK Bonus: 9% - 41.3%
  • Rate: 5 stars
  • Wishes
Prototype Rancour
  • Base ATK: 44 - 565
  • Physical ATK Bonus: 7.5% - 34.5%
  • Rate: 4 stars
  • Prototype Series
  • Forging
  • AR 10 Reward
Summit Shaper
  • Base ATK: 46 - 608
  • ATK Bonus: 10.8% - 49.6%
  • Rate: 5 stars
  • Liyue Series
  • Wishes

Both Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chivalry are highly recommended artifacts for Keqing's physical DMG buff. You can use 4 pieces of Pale Flame or combine these two artifact types in 2-piece sets.

Aquila Favonia Keqing
Aquila Favonia is the best weapon for Keqing's physical DMG buff.

#2. Electro Main DPS

To build Keqing's Elemental DPS role, you need a weapon with high CRIT DMG. There are some swords with massive CRIT Rates that you can use for this character.

Swords Weapon Stats How to obtain
Mistsplitter Reforged
  • Base ATK: 48 - 674
  • CRIT DMG: 9.6% - 44.1%
  • Rate: 5 stars
  • Inazuma Series
  • Wishes
Primordial Jade Cutter
  • Base ATK: 44 - 542
  • CRIT Rate: 9.6% - 44.1%
  • Rate: 5 stars
  • Primordial Jade Series
  • Wishes
The Black Sword
  • Base ATK: 48 - 674
  • CRIT rate: 6% - 27.6%
  • Rate: 4 stars
  • Gnostic Hymn Series
  • Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass

Berserker is one of the best artifact set for this build that gives her a great CRIT Rate. Moreover, this type of artifact is very common and easy to obtain. In addition, Thundering Fury and Gladiator's Finale are better choices for Keqing but they are rarer. Mistsplitter Reforged is now one of the best swords in Genshin Impact.

The Black Sword
The Black Sword gives her a high CRIT DMG bonus.

II. Best Skill Combo For Keqing

Apart from the best weapon, you also need to know how to use Keqing's ATK combos and skills right. Her solo skills are good enough to encounter and defeat small bosses and monsters, such as Hilichurls and Slimes. But she has to combine with other characters' skills. A strong combo can deal tons of damage to finish dangerous bosses in Genshin Impact in the blink of an eye.

#1. Electro Bursts

One of the most powerful and effective skill combos with Electro attacks is the elemental resonance. Qiqi's bursts help Keqing restore her health and apply an Electro-charged environment on the battleground. When you switch to Keqing and use her burst, the Electro resonance deals tons of damage on enemies.

Electro Burst
Her Electro burst can resonate or react with other elements.

To reduce the elemental resistance of the monster that reduces the damage from Keqing's attacks, you can use Venti's skill first. The most powerful elemental reaction for Keqing is Superconduct. So, you need a Hydro supporter like Xingqiu. During the phase of Superconduct, her normal attacks and charged attacks cause more physical DMG on enemies.

#2. Stellar Restoration & Reactions

Stellar Restoration is the electro skill of Keqing. She can cause higher Electro DMG with her normal attacks. The best ATK combo with Stellar Restoration is Overloaded. It can be done perfectly after using the Pyro bursts of Klee, Xinyan, or Yanfei. Then, switch to Venti or Kazuha to cause the wind swirls to increase the area of the fire.

Keqing Overloaded
The overloaded reaction makes Keqing's attacks more powerful.

Next, Keqing can cause Overloaded reactions - the most powerful elemental reactions with her skills and normal attacks. Besides, she can dodge enemy bursts and aim attacks with her elemental skills. She can move quickly and avoid being aimed.

Bonus: Is Keqing Good?

Keqing is one of the most powerful and useful Electro characters in Genshin Impact. Besides, she is very easy to ascend and enhance to get the maximum power. Moreover, she has a new stunning skin called 'Opulent Splendor' in the current version 2.4. So, you should try to pull for her from the permanent character banner.

Keqing Genshin
Keqing will look better with the new Opulent Splendor festival skin.

Her best weapons and artifact sets are also available to collect after the Electro nation of Inazuma. These Electro DMG buffs make Keqing stronger than she was in previous versions. After this nation is released, all Electro characters, including Keqing are better with local artifacts and materials.

With the best weapon for Keqing, you can build a powerful Electro DPS team to deal with strong and dangerous bosses. You can get her new skin to make Keqing look better.

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