Thoma is a 4 star Pyro Polearm character in Genshin Impact. Overall, Thoma is an excellent Pyro support who's also a shielder. Because of this, he is very versatile and can fit in a number of teams that require shielding, Pyro Resonance, or constant Pyro Applications. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best Thoma team comps for Pyro Support.

Thoma is a pretty underwhelming Pyro Support character in Genshin Impact.

Thoma's shields are one of the most powerful shields in Genshin, especially at its max potential. However, Thoma's burst costs a lot of energy (even with 4 particles from his skill) - you might need to equip him with an Energy Recharge weapon for more consistency.

His burst triggers waves of flames dealing AOE Pyro damage, which can increase your damage output. However, it can disrupt reactions.

1. High-End Thoma Team Comps

Thoma + Hu Tao Vaporize team

Hu TaoMain DPSCrimson Witch Of Flames (4)Any
XingqiuSupportNoblesse Oblige (4)C6 (if possible)
KazuhaSub DPS/SupportViridescent Venerer (4)Any
ThomaSub DPS/SupportTenacity Of The Millelith (4)C6 (if possible)

Due to Hu Tao's HP mechanic, she benefits a lot from shields... and Thoma is the best Pyro shielder in the game. With him in the team, Hu Tao would get both shields and Pyro Resonance, saving a slot for other characters. This is why Hu Tao and Thoma team comp is so powerful.

Hu Tao
Hu Tao benefits a lot from Thoma - maybe even more than Zhongli.

Xingqiu is the main enabler for Hu Tao, constantly applying Hydro so that Hu Tao can trigger Vaporize for big damage. He can be replaced by Mona if you need some burst damage.

Kazuha is the crowd control of the team, who assists by grouping enemies together. He can also provide elemental DMG boost and swirl to reduce enemies' elemental resistance. He can be replaced by Venti or Sucrose, but you would lose some DPS.

Thoma + Yoimiya normal attack team

YoimiyaMain DPSShimenawa's Reminiscence (4)Any
Yun JinSub DPS/SupportHusk Of Opulent Dreams (4)C6 (if possible)
ThomaSub DPS/SupportEmblem Of Severed Fate (4)C6 (if possible)
JeanSub DPS/SupportViridescent Venerer (4)Any

This team revolves around Thoma sub DPS, with Yoimiya being the Pyro machine gun with Thoma boost. Yun Jin also provides a decent shield alongside a normal attack boost, as Thoma's shield in this lineup is not as strong.

Yoimiya can procs Thoma's burst constantly with her fast attack speed.

As Yoimiya's burst and Thoma's burst stack with each other, it is possible to have Thoma stay on the field and attack to trigger all the Pyro explosions. Jean's role is to crowd control and swirl Pyro with the Venerer set to reduce elemental resistance.

Thoma + Childe Vapourize team

ChildeMain DPSHeart Of Depth (4)Any
ThomaSub DPS/SupportEmblem Of Severed Fate (4)C6 (if possible)
BennettSub DPS/SupportNoblesse Oblige (4)C5
KazuhaSub DPS/SupportViridescent Venerer (4)Any

Thoma would be the main shielder of the team while providing additional Pyro applications during his burst. Childe can play recklessly under Thoma's shield, relentlessly attacking enemies with his kit. Players can trigger some vaporize reactions, but it would not be very consistent.

Bennett would provide the team with DMG boost, healing, and elemental resonance. Kazuha would increase the team's Elemental damage and group enemies together so that Childe can deal damage.

Childe Vision
Childe and Thoma team is passable - they can proc Vaporize repeatedly.

2. Mid-Tier Thoma Team Comps

Thoma overload team

Raiden ShogunMain DPSThundering Fury (4)Any
FischlSupport/Sub DPSThundering Fury (4)C6 (if possible)
ThomaSupportEmblem Of Severed Fate (4)C6 (if possible)
BennettSub DPS/SupportNoblesse Oblige (4)C6 (if possible)

This team revolves around Raiden being the main DPS. With her support and Electro resonance from Fischl, players can cast Thoma's burst much more often. Bennett's heal and Thoma's shield would keep Raiden on the field, while Thoma's Pyro burst attack buff can trigger Overload.

Additionally, Fischl provides off-field damage with Oz while Bennett provides damage boost and Pyro Resonance.

Raiden can be part of Thoma team build with her high energy regeneration.

Thoma Vaporize Melt team

DilucMain DPSCrimson Witch Of Flames (4)Any
XingqiuSupportNoblesse Oblige (4)C6 (if possible)
ChongyunSub DPS/SupportBlizzard Strayer (2) + Noblesse Oblige (2)C6 (if possible)
ThomaSub DPS/SupportTenacity Of The Millelith (4)C6 (if possible)

This team comp functions similarly to the pure vaporize team with Thoma. The main DPS would be another Pyro character who gets supported by Xingqiu and Chongyun. Thoma's only job in this comp is to provide shield and Pyro Resonance.

Diluc Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact Thoma team comp can use pretty much any Pyro character.

3. F2P Thoma Team Comp

This lineup is designed for complete f2p and new players who want to build around Thoma's support potential. This is how you can make Thoma more effective even with a free squad.

ThomaSub DPSAnyAny
XianglingMain DPSAnyAny
KaeyaSub DPSAnyAny

Thoma can provide shield and Pyro resonance for Xiangling to deal damage. Barbara would heal the team and inflict Hydro so that either Thoma or Xiangling would trigger Vaporize. Kaeya can provide energy for Thoma and trigger Freeze with Barbara for Melt when needed.

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