Genshin Impact Thoma is a strong Pyro character from Inazuma. He can give other characters great buffs or deal insane damage on enemies. Let's find the best Genshin Thoma weapons as well as the most powerful ATK combo for his sub-DPS and supporter roles here.

I. Best Weapons For Thoma Genshin

Thoma is one of some new characters in Inazuma. Therefore, many players haven't know how to choose the best Genshin Impact polearms to build this Pyro sub-DPS and supporter. Let's check out the Genshin Thoma best weapon for his sub-DPS role and supporter build.

Thoma Best Polearms
Go to find the best polearms for Thoma.

#1. Genshin Thoma Weapons For Sub-DPS Build

Thoma is a Polearm user. At C4 and C6 phases, this Pyro character gives his team a great DPS buff. For example, his Elemental Skills cooldown faster with 15 restored Energy at C4. At C6, he helps increase the power of normal, charged, and plunged attacks for his teammates. Especially, Thoma can be a strong and useful sub-DPS of your party with the damage buffs from these polearms.

Polearms Weapon Stats How to get it?
Staff of Homa
  • Base DMG: 46 - 608
  • CRIT DMG: 14.4% - 66.2%
  • Rate: 5 stars
  • Weapon Wish events of Epitome Invocation.
Wavebreaker's Fin
  • Base DMG: 46 - 608
  • ATK Bonus: 3% - 13.8%
  • Rate: 4 stars
  • Watatsumi Series
  • The same Weapon Wish event of Epitome Invocation with Staff of Homa.
The Catch
  • Base DMG: 42 - 510;
  • Energy Recharge: 10.0% - 45.9%;
  • Rate: 4 stars.
  • Purchase at Inazuma Fishing Association. Use the fish to exchange for this polearm from the NPC Ako at the location of the Association shop in Inazuma city outskirts.

In Genshin weapon comparison, 5-star polearms are often better than 4-star ones. But 5-star items are also rarer and harder to obtain. So, it's easier to get the Wavebreaker's Fin and The Catch. Moreover, these new weapons also originate from Inazuma - the home country of Thoma. So, he can master these polearms better.

Thoma With Staff Of Homa
Staff of Homa is one of the best polearms for Thoma.

The artifact set 'Emblem of Severed Fate' is the most recommended option for Thoma's sub-DPS. Use 4 pieces of this set to build his ATK power. The combo of these artifacts and the polearm 'Staff of Homa' increases his Elemental Burst DMG insanely due to their great Energy Recharge bonus.

#1. Genshin Thoma Weapons For Supporter Role

Thoma can also play the supporter role very well thanks to his powerful Pyro elemental skills and bursts. After he applies the burning effect on enemies to reduce the elemental resistance, the main DPS can deal higher DMG with powerful attacks and skills. Here are the best polearm for his elemental bursts and skills.

Polearms Weapon Stats How to get it?
Skyward Spine
  • Base DMG: 48 - 674
  • Energy Recharge: 8% - 36.8%
  • Rate: 5 stars
  • Mondstadt Series
  • Weapon Wish banners of Epitome Invocation.
Favonius Lance
  • Base DMG: 44 - 565
  • Energy Recharge: 6.7% - 30.6%
  • Rate: 4 stars
  • Favonius Series
  • Epitome Invocation weapon banners in the past.

Besides, beginners who haven't got these weapons from previous wish banners can use the 3-star polearm Black Tassel for Thoma. This weapon helps boost the DMG when combating slimes by 40%. Noblesse Oblige and The Exile are the two most recommended artifact sets for this build.

Skyward Spine
Skyward Spine makes Thoma a useful and powerful supporter.

II. Best ATK Combo For Thoma

Thoma is a Pyro supporter who helps boost the power of the main DPS fighter. You need to combine the character skills and abilities of Thoma wisely to produce the highest DMG. Here are some best ways to have the best ATK combo for this Pyro supporter.

#1. Pyro Resonance

Genshin Impact has introduced a lot of Pyro characters and most of them are very powerful, including the free character Xiangling. You can combine Thoma with a powerful Pyro DPS, such as Hu Tao, Klee, or Diluc, or let him team up with Xiangling and Yanfei to produce mind-blowing Pyro resonance attacks. Thoma and Yoimiya are also good teammates who can support each other well.

Pyro Resonance
The Pyro resonance of Thoma and Hu Tao is really deadly.

#2. Swirl And Burn

Pyro and Anemo are two interactive elements in Genshin Impact. You should use an Anemo character with an AoE Swirl, such as Sucrose or Kazuha to increase the burning area of Thoma's fire. Or else, Thoma can be a Pyro supporter of the Anemo team with Venti or Xiao in the main DPS role.

Thoma And Kazuha
Thoma and Kazuha make the fire spread out broadly.

Bonus: Will Thoma Come Back In A Rerun?

Thoma's Rerun hasn't been confirmed but Genshin Impact often re-introduces 4-star characters very often. For example, Bennett, Xiangling, Ningguang, and other 4-star characters consecutively appear in both new and Rerun banners. So, Thoma and other 4-star characters from Inazuma will come back to the game in upcoming updates.

Those are all the best Genshin Thoma weapons for his sub-DPS and supporter build. You can use his attacks in two recommended combos in the article or have your own attack formula.

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