Bountiful Year Genshin Impact is one of the new food recipes released in version 2.4 with the Enkanomiya region. Like most other dishes in the game, it can offer additional ATK and Crit Rate to assist players in various encounters.

However, miHoYo has yet made it a craftable food at the moment and you cannot get the recipe for this dish. On another hand, you can obtain 5 Bountiful Years after completing a quest and save them up for later occasions.

Read our article to see where we can find and how we can get this potential and rare recipe.

Bountiful Year Recipe
Check out Bountiful Year Genshin recipe and how to get it below!

How to get Bountiful Year Genshin Impact

Bountiful Year was said to be released as a new 4-star recipe in Genshin Impact. However, as update 2.4 was released, the fact took a little detour.

1. Bountiful Year Genshin location and how to get

The only way you can get Bountiful Year now is to exchange the Dragonbone orb which can be collected as a reward for completing the Lotus Eater World Quest. You can do this quest in Enkanomiya.

Afterwards, Genshin Impact players can sell the Dragonbone Orb to different vendors in Teyvat to get the food they want along with a considerable amount of Mora:

  • Linlang in Liyue: 80,000 Mora and Bountiful Year x 5
  • Majorie in Mondstadt: 80,000 Mora and Moon Pie food x 5
  • Mikoshi Genichirou in Inazuma: 80,000 Mora and Sashimi Platter x 5
Linlang In Liyue
Bountiful Year Genshin location is the common vendor in the world of Teyvat.

Just head to these NPCs in their corresponding locations and choose the appropriate conversing options to obtain what you need.

2. Bountiful Year effects

Among these dishes, Bountiful Year is a 4-star item that increases every member’s ATK by 272 and CRIT Rate by 8% for 300 seconds. It can easily enter the top food tier for revival buff in the game.

As Genshin Sashimi Platter and Moon Pie are both available for cooking, you may want to prioritize Bountiful Year as it is limited.

Moon Pie Sashimi Platter Bountiful Year
With the same method to get the Bountiful Year, you can also get Moon Pie and Genshin Sashimi Platter in this event.

In the near future, the game may release a way that helps travelers acquire the recipe and cook this sought-after dish themselves.

How to get Dragonbone Orb in Genshin Impact

Apparently, you can obtain the very essential Dragonbone Orb after managing to complete the Lotus Eater quest on Enkanomiya. However, make sure you have previously completed "The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent" World Quest must be completed before accepting this quest.

After that, you may follow these steps to do the Lotus Eater World Quest, get that Dragonbone Orb, and exchange for Bountiful Year as well as Sashimi Platter and Moon Pie food.

1. Activate patterns

Locate and enter a northside cave in The Serpent’s Heart and defeat a Ruin Sentinel guarding the Altar Pattern.

Activate all of the patterns on the wall and return to The Altar to insert the Alter Pattern.

Activate Patterns
Reach The Serpent's Heart and activate these sigils.

2. Talk to the afterimage

Next to The Serpent’s Heart central waypoint, you’ll see 5 doorways with energy sigils. Interact with them in an order to summon the ghost NPC.

The entire Lotus Eater quest can be done from here following the in-game clues. The afterimage will instruct players to do a puzzle that involves toggling a mechanism to alter the phase from Evernight to Whitenight and vice versa. Luckily, it is not hard to complete.

Energy Sigil Doorway
Head back to the Altar and interact with the doorways to start the whole quest.

3. Get the Dragonbone Orb

Towards the end, you will need to water the Dragonbone Plant with the Waters of Lethe. Wait for a whole day for the Daily Reset and when the flower blooms, it will produce a Dragonbone Orb for you to obtain.

From here, you can make use of the Orb to get different dishes. Otherwise, players can collect it as a souvenir and memento from quests and events, if they love collecting stuff.

More version 2.4 new food

Another item that is new after update 2.4, beside the Bountiful Year Genshin, is Dragon Beard Noodles. The difference is this dish can be cooked.

1. How to cook Dragon Beard Noodles Genshin

For this 3-star recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Flour x4
  • Mushroom x2
  • Fowl x2
  • Ham x1

These ingredients can easily be farmed in the open world and processed in your inventory. Besides, the vendors in Genshin Impact can offer a huge pack of these materials.

Dragon Beard Noodles
Dragon Beard Noodles Genshin Impact is a new 3-star dish after update 2.4.

2. Dragon Beard Noodles effects

There are three qualities with corresponding effects:

  • Suspicious Dragon Beard Noodles - Increases all party members’ ATK by 160 for 300 seconds.
  • Dragon Beard Noodles - Increases all party members’ ATK by 194 for 300 seconds.
  • Delicious Dragon Beard Noodles - Increases all party members’ ATK by 228 for 300 seconds.

Do remember that these effects only apply to your own character in the Co-op mode.

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