Kokomi is a 5-star Hydro Catalyst character in Genshin Impact. Being a catalyst user with an off-field Hydro skill, she is actually amongst the best enabler who can spread Hydro to enemies. This makes her the perfect support and healer for Freeze, Melt and Vaporize comp. In this article, we are going to showcase the best Kokomi team comps for Hydro support.

Both Kokomi's skill and burst provide massive healing to the team.

1. High-End Kokomi Team Comp - Vaporize

Character Role Artifact Set Constellation Level
Klee Main DPS Crimson Witch of Flames/Heart Of Depth (4-Piece) Any
Kokomi Sub DPS/Healer Ocean-Hued Clam (4-Piece) Any
Kazuha Support Viridescent Venerer (4-piece) Any
Bennett Healer/Support Noblesse Oblige (4-Piece) Any

In this comp, Klee is the main DPS, with her damage amplified by Vaporization. Players need to switch to Kokomi when Klee's skill is on cooldown. She can be substituted by Xiangling, Diluc, or other Pyro damage dealer such as Yoimiya. Hu Tao is the hardest character to use in combination with Kokomi. She needs to stay at 50% HP and Kokomi's heal makes that very difficult.

Diluc Genshin Impact
A lot of Pyro characters can be part of a Kokomi team comp

Kokomi is the sub DPS of this lineup, with the ability to apply Wet using her Elemental Skill. She can also deal solid Reverse-Vaporize damage with her burst and attack. Players can even use her as the main attacker on the field if built right.

Kazuha assists the team by grouping enemies together and providing an elemental DMG boost. Furthermore, he can swirl to reduce enemies' elemental resistance. Bennett gives the team Pyro resonance and damage boost - with Kokomi, this team already has enough healing.

2. High-End Kokomi Team Comp - Permafrost

Character Role Artifact Set Constellation Level
Ganyu Main DPS Blizzard Strayer (2-Piece) & Noblesse Oblige (2-Piece) Any
Kokomi Sub DPS/Healer Ocean-Hued Clam (4-Piece) Any
Venti Sub DPS Viridescent Venerer (4-piece) Any
Diona Support Maiden Beloved (4-Piece) C6 (if possible)

Ganyu is the main DPS of the team, dealing damage and triggering Freeze with her Cryo application. She is also the main on-field character, dealing damage continuously by charged attacks and elemental burst. Kokomi serves as an enabler and sub DPS, spreading Hydro while staying off-field. Her skill allows Ganyu to procs Freeze continuously.

Best Ganyu Team
Ganyu is the best Cryo user to combo with Genshin Impact Kokomi teams.

Venti's role in this lineup is crowd control - he groups enemies up and can swirl either Hydro or Cryo, allowing your character to be much more effective in combat. Finally, Diona is the last support of the team, giving Ganyu Cryo Resonance. Furthermore, she also provides shields and serves as a battery for Ganyu's burst.

Players can replace Ganyu with Ayaka and Venti with Kazuha. Rosaria can replace Diona for additional damage if you don't need shields.

3. Mid-Tier Kokomi Team Comp - Electro Charged

Kokomi is probably the worst character to build as a DPS, as her passive gives her a -100% crit rate. However, there are ways players can build to make her work.

Character Role Artifact Set Constellation Level
Kokomi Main DPS Ocean-Hued Clam (4-Piece) Any
Fischl Sub DPS
Thundering Fury (4-Piece) C6 (if possible)
Beidou Sub DPS Thundering Fury (4-Piece) C6 (if possible)
Kazuha Support Viridescent Venerer (4-piece) Any

Kokomi is the Main DPS of this lineup, dealing damage with her Elemental Burst. Fischl and Beidou are the electro off-field support, providing Electro application so that Kokomi can trigger Electro Charged constantly. Furthermore, the pair also provide Electro resonance for the team, which is free energy regeneration.

Fischl Genshin
Fischl can be part of a Kokomi team build for DPS.

Kazuha assists the team by providing crowd control and damage boost. Furthermore, he can also swirl Hydro to improve Kokomi's damage.

4. F2P Kokomi Team Build

This lineup is designed for complete f2p and new players who only have Kokomi as a sole 5 star. It consists of all characters you can get for free completing the main quests. This is how you can make Kokomi more effective even with a free squad. If you've been playing for a while, this lineup is not recommended.

Character Role Artifact Set Constellation
Kokomi Sub DPS Ocean-Hued Clam (4-Piece) Any
Lisa Main DPS Emblem of Severed Fate (4-Piece) Any
Kaeya Healer Blizzard Strayer (2-Piece) & Noblesse Oblige (2-Piece) Any
Electro Traveler Support Noblesse Oblige (4-Piece) Any

Kokomi will mainly serve as the Enabler for Electro reactions, using her elemental skill. However, she can be the main attacker when her burst is off cooldown. Lisa will be the main DPS of this lineup, triggering Electro-Charged with the help of Kokomi's Jellyfish.

Kaeya will be the team's battery and aid with triggering Freezing. Lastly, the Electro Traveler will provide Electro resonance and off-field Electro.

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