The best Genshin Impact Yunjin weapon makes this 4-star a powerful DPS. There are many polearms that you can use for her DPS and supporter roles. Check out the best weapon and ATK combo for this new character in Genshin Impact 2.4 here.

I. Yunjin Genshin Impact Weapon

The new Genshin Impact character Yunjin can play as a supporter and main DPS. This 4-star character needs the best polearm with proper buffs for her DPS and supporter roles. Check out the best Yunjin weapon build for her DPS and supporter role.

Genshin Impact Yun Jin
Find the best weapons to make Yunjin more powerful and important.

#1. Yunjin's best polearm for the DPS role

Although Yunjin is a 4-star character, she can play as a DPS in your Genshin team. Here are some highly recommended polearms in Genshin Impact for her DPS build.

Polearm Stats How To Get?
Vortex Vanquisher
  • Liyue Series
  • Base DMG: 46 - 608
  • ATK Bonus: 10.8% - 49.6%
  • Rate: 5 stars
  • Wish banner of Epitome Invocation from Jan 25th to Feb 15th, 2022.
Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
  • Primordial Jade Series
  • Base DMG: 48 - 674
  • CRIT Rate: 4.8% - 22.1%
  • Rate: 5 stars
  • Epitome Invocation and Wanderlust Invocation wish banners occasionally.
Staff of Homa
  • Base DMG: 48 - 674
  • CRIT DMG: 14.4% - 66.2%
  • Rate: 5 stars
  • Epitome Invocation weapon Wish events.
Prototype Starglitter
  • Prototype Series
  • Base ATK: 42 - 510
  • Energy Recharge: 10.0% - 45.9%
  • Rate: 4 stars
  • Forging: Collect a Northlander Polearm Billet, 50 Crystal Chunks, 50 White Iron Chunks, and 500 Mora to forge it.

The Husk of Opulent Dreams and Retracing Bolide sets are the two best artifact selections for her DPS build. These polearms boost the ATK and CRIT DMG of Yunjin. Besides, you need to level up these weapons to increase the effect and power of her attacks.

Featured Yun Jin Genshin Impact
Use Vortex Vanquisher to buff Yunjin's attack DMG.

#2. Best weapon for Yunjin's supporter role

Apart from the DPS role, Yunjin is also a useful Geo supporter in your team. Her elemental bursts apply Geo element on a large group of enemies to help reduce the elemental resistance of the opponents. Here are the best polearms for Yunjin's supporter role.

Polearm Stats How To Get?
Engulfing Lightning
  • Inazuma Series
  • Base DMG: 46 - 608
  • Energy Recharge: 12% - 55.1%
  • Rate: 5 stars
  • Wish banner of Epitome Invocation in the last September.
The Catch
  • Base DMG: 42 - 510
  • Energy Recharge: 10.0% - 45.9%
  • Rate: 4 stars
  • Purchase at Inazuma Fishing Association.
Favonius Lance
  • Favonius Series
  • Base DMG: 44 - 565
  • Energy Recharge: 6.7% - 30.6%
  • Rate: 4 stars
  • Wish banner of Epitome Invocation in the past.

You can use the Emblem of Severed Fate set for great Energy Recharge or Defender's Will set for DEF bonus for her supporter role. A great Energy Recharge bonus helps reduce the CD time of her skills. Besides, you can combine 2 pieces of Noblesse Oblige and 2 pieces of Archaic Petra to increase her Geo elemental burst.

Yunjin Build
Engulfing Lightning is the best polearm for her supporter role.

II. Genshin Impact Yunjin Element & ATK Guide

Genshin Impact Yunjin is a Geo character. Besides the best Genshin Impact Yunjin weapon, you need to find the best attack combo to make her attacks and bursts more efficient. Yunjin can use her elemental bursts to reduce the elemental resistance of enemies and increase the DEF effect for the whole team.

Yunjin Team
Combine her skills with other characters' abilities.

Here are the best attack combos with Yunjin in Genshin Impact after Update 2.4.

#1. Geo Resonance

Elemental resonance often deals great damage to monsters. When Yunjin team up with Geo shielders, this team becomes unbreakable. You can combine Yunjin with Noelle or Zhongli for a strong Geo team and powerful Geo resonance. Then, you can choose any DPS fighters for this team, such as Ayaka, Yoimiya, Xiao, Ganyu, Klee, or Hu Tao.

Geo Team
Yunjin can team up with another Geo character to make elemental resonance.

#2. Normal DPS

When you use Yunjin as a normal DPS of your team, the DMG she causes to enemies relies on her levels. Besides, she can buff the damage of other characters, such as Razor, Childe, Ningguang, Eula, Yoimiya, or Yanfei. After Yunjin breaks the shield of enemies or reduces their elemental resistance, the elemental attacks and bursts of these characters are boosted insanely.

Yunjin And Ningguang
Yunjin and Ningguang can support each other well in the battle.

Bonus: How To Get Yunjin For Free?

Genshin Impact players will have a great chance to obtain a 4-star character from Liyue for free in the Fleeting Colors in Flight event. During the Prosperous Partnerships sub-event of the Genshin Impact Lantern Rite Rerun festival in Liyue, players can select a partner to join their party. You can choose Yunjin to get her for free in Genshin Impact 2.4. Or else, you can obtain this character from the Shenhe banner or Xiao Rerun banner.

Those are the best recommendations for Genshin Impact Yunjin weapon and attack guide. Build this character wisely to have a powerful DPS or supporter in your team.

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