Genshin Impact Key Sigils is the new item in Enkanomiya, Inazuma. There are five types of key sigils scattered around this region. Besides, you need to find two remaining key sigils on Watatsumi Island to unlock Enkanomiya. Check them out below.

I. Remaining Key Sigil Locations

There are two locations of the remaining key sigils on Watatsumi Island. During the world quest Still Water's Flow, you have to find these two keys to unlock Enkanomiya. The two remaining key sigils spawn in two different places on this island. You need to talk to the female NPC Tsukuyo in front of the Sangonomiya Shrine.

Still Waters Flow Quest
Talk to Tsukuyo to unlock the world quest Still Water's Flow.

Then, the two places of the remaining key sigils will be marked on the minimap, including:

  • Heart of Watatsumi: The first remaining key sigil is hidden inside a cave. From the top of the cliff, you need to glide down and find the small entrance of the cave. There are a tree and some small bushes near the cave entrance. Enter the cave and collect the key sigil on the circular platform. You need to defeat three enemies here.
Heart Of Watatsumi Key
The key in the Heart of Watatsumi cave.
  • The Fin of Watatsumi: The second remaining key sigil is very easy to locate and find because it's right on the ground. It's on the North of the outer ring around the Sangonomiya Shrine. There are three machine enemies guarding around the key sigil. After defeating them, you can collect the item.

Then, place the two key sigils to unlock the seal around the two remaining shrines and activate them. After that, the entrance of Enkanomiya will be unlocked. Come back to see Tsukuyo and jump down to the pool. Next, you can unlock Teleport Waypoints in this region to move there quickly.

Genshin Impact Key Sigils
Activate the remaining shrines.

II. Key Sigil Locations In Enkanomiya

When entering Enkanomiya, you can find more key sigils. There are five kinds of key sigils with different amounts. For example:

  • 16 keys type 1;
  • 9 keys type 2;
  • 8 keys type 3;
  • 14 keys type 4;
  • 15 keys type 5.
Key Sigils
There are a lot of key sigils in Enkanomiya.

These keys are scattered in six locations of key sigils in Enkanomiya. You can find them on the ground or hanging on the walls or in the trees. Reach and touch it to collect like when you collect Elemental Culus in Teyvat. Here are all locations of key sigils in Enkanomiya, including:

  • The Narrows;
  • Dainichi Mikoshi;
  • The Serpent's Heart;
  • Evernight Temple;
  • Yachimatahiko's Locus;
  • Yachimatahime's Locus.

Key sigil locations are marked on the minimap like Elemental Culus in Teyvat. So, you can locate and head to those locations quickly. But the theme of this area is pretty dark, so you need to check hidden corners, such as trees, wall corners, etc. or you may miss the item.

Key Sigil Locations
Key sigil locations in Enkanomiya.

III. How To Use Key Sigils

You can use the key sigils to place on the locked seals in Enkanomiya. Use the collected key on the seal with matching symbols. Then, you will get a reward for placing the correct sigil on the right seal.

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